What is PromiseLand?

Our church is not defined as a building, program, or corporation.  Our church is a group of born again believers of Jesus Christ.  We are growing closer to God, and we are helping others meet God and grow closer to Him as well

Tonight (Tuesday, August 5th, 2008), we have a great opportunity to live out that definition as we welcome the Brock Family to San Marcos.  They are driving the Uhaul from Louisana as I type this blog.  When they arrive in San Marcos, I want as many people as possible to greet them at their apartment.

River Oaks Villa on Aquarena Springs Drive (east of IH-35).

At 5:30pm, Let’s help them unload the truck and celebrate a new part of the family…a new part of the church.

Please comment below you thoughts…



About pastorrobin

Hello. I pastor PromiseLand Church in San Marcos, TX. I am married to Erica, and we have 3 kids: Kennady, Jude, and Avery. All little ones! Visit our church site at www.psmchurch.com

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  1. Count me in even though I don’t work out at the health club like you young guys and may only be able to lift 100 lbs or so. I’ll look for the UHaul truck.

  2. Don’t know how much I can unload but I will be there.

  3. chad robertson

    sounds like a great way to welcome a new addition to Promiseland. Will this be a surprise to the Brocks?

  4. I will be there. I also called the men of my PromiseGroup last night, I think 2 of them may be able to come help also. I know Matt knows several of us are planning on helping, but won’t it be awesome to blow them away with so much help there, that in a very short time they are moved in!!!!!!
    See you all tonight!!!!!

  5. Talked to David Ramos he will be joining us at the Brock’s

  6. The apartment number is 10201.

  7. It’s great to see a family take a leap of faith such as his family. It reminds me of our trek across the southern midwest and landed in WOP back in July 1993.

  8. Michael Mendez will be there too!

  9. I already have plans but I am passing this info on to Dennis.

  10. the kids and I will be there with clothes on. (since I don’t have any bells to tie to us, I thought the next best (and most important) would be clothes.

  11. somebody bring some balloons!!! we need some women to bring desserts!!!

  12. I can’t lift anything but I can bring some desserts.

  13. Men can bring desserts, too! (smile)

  14. Sorry, I just found out I have something I have to do at 5:30. I won’t be there.

  15. I’ll be taking care of 2 of the grandchildren that won’t be there. You can figure that out when you arrive. 🙂 love the Brocks!!!


  17. Wish I could be there!! We have football Practice I will be thinkning of all you!!! WELCOME HOME BROCK FAMILY!!!!!

  18. It looks like this might be one soggy move. Have the Brocks been traveling through this tropical storm all day today??

  19. i am headed over, rain or shine. I think they missed the rain since they were coming from the north.

  20. MAN, so many people were there, that truck was unloaded in record time I think. Welcome home Brock family, Welcom home.. We love you !!!!

  21. MAN, so many people were there, that truck was unloaded in record time I think. Welcome home Brock family, Welcome home.. We love you !!!!

  22. lorawilliams08

    Sorry I have class tonight.
    Welcome Home Brock Family it is a blessing to have you.

  23. As usual, the threads that make up this PromiseLand fabric came together and the Brocks were welcomed in last night. I am proud of this family.

  24. wish we could have been there to help….sniff…sniff…

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