World’s First PromiseGroup

Check this story out from the bbc.

Archaeologists in Rihab, Jordan, say they have discovered a cave that could be the world’s oldest Christian church.

Dating to the period AD33-70, the underground chapel would have served as both a place of worship and a home.

It is claimed that it was originally used by a group of 70 persecuted Christians who fled from Jerusalem.

These early Christians lived and practised their faith in secrecy until the Romans embraced Christianity several hundred years later.


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  1. Elizabeth Wharton

    Wow. So tonight we get to sit on couches and smell coffee instead of sittin on and smellin dirt. But we get to be in God’s presence just like they were! That’s cool!

  2. AMEN Sister Elizabeth !!!!! I think this blog point will be a good thing to open tonight with!!!
    God is AWESOME!!!! Everyone have a great PromiseGroup tonight!

  3. I don’t want to be a negative voice on the blog…since this is usually always a happy place. I read this whole thing from a different perspective.

    These early believers may have survived, but on the other hand, hiding in a cave isn’t the best way to spread the gospel. Many other non-cave Christians, died for the gospel during that era. As a result of their deaths the gospel spead.

    While I love PromiseGroups, if we hide in our houses every week and never take the gospel out into our neighborhoods have we fulfilled our purpose of spreading the gospel?

  4. casey, I agree that evangelism is essential in our purpose.
    however, I think we are talking about 2 different issues and don’t have to pick between an intimate worship service in a home and being a light in the world. We can do both.
    to my knowledge we don’t have evidence of these people’s fate. most likely they died like the others.

  5. We have no excuse for not inviting our neighbors to our Promisegroups, unlike these early Christians who were put to death if they witnessed to the wrong person. Talk about the need for discernment, and other spiritual gifts, these people lives depended on a real connection to God

  6. Speaking of getting out of that cave… I was talking to my dad this past weekend and he was so excited. A couple of weeks ago his neighbor was rebuilding his fence for the up-teenth time (it blows over every time there is a wind storm) and my dad noticed the guy didn’t have a post hole digger (yes, I know what that is). So he took over a post hole digger and offered to help the guy. They worked together for several hours which means my dad got to know him. The neighbors have only lived in the neighborhood for a few months. My dad even offered to return the next day and help him put picketts back on the fence. So when he stopped by the next day, he invited his neighbor to church. The neighbor and his wife came this past Sunday!

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