Who is your VP?

McCain and Obama’s teams are right in the middle of selecting a VP.  Who will make a good choice for Vice President?

I think in their case, the decision process is more about what will make the team more electable and not who would make a great President in case the acting President is unable to continue his job.  Hopefully, both will pick someone that will be a great President.

Who would you pick to be the next…whatever you do?  You are a father, mother, business owner, leader, teacher, accountant, secretary, the list goes on and on.  Who do you pick as your replacement?

Do you have a selection team?  A group of people that can help prioritize and rank potentials.  I just read that Obama has a list of 20 people as a possible VP.

Erica and I have often thought of who might raise our kids if we were to die in an accident.  Such an interesting thought and conversation.  There are Biblical examples… you know.



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  1. Jacob took a very active role in selecting our very capable replacement for Worship Leader…

  2. Karen and I often think and rethink who should raise our children should we both die together, at times we think my brother and sister in law would be a great choice and other times we just don’t know. For the record I think Jacob did a great job in helping find Matt to step into the role of worship leader. I almost said to fill his shoes, or to replace him but that is not what Matt is doing. Matt is making this his own, listening to what God is telling him to do with our worship. We miss Jacob and Lori already, but are EXCITED to forge forward with Matt and Tara!

  3. Ok, I am in the process of finding someone to help in the office since Lori is no longer here and whomever we choose will eventually take my place, also. It is a hard decision. Our company has always been run with God in the midst of the decisions. I want that to always be the case SO it is difficult to know who the right person is. We must continue to have God in the middle by Him directing our thoughts and decisions with this new person.
    As far as kids, you, parents, with young children need to make a will and make the decision who will raise your children. If you ever needed someone to take your place, you won’t be in a position at that time to make the decision—-know what I mean???? Rob and I were one time in that same decision making process and know it it not an easy task. God will help you!!!!!
    And, yes we are happy to have Matt and Tara. He has already become our son—–literally. 🙂

  4. Kathy, Maybe I could help out at your office. 😀

  5. Well, we don’t have any children yet but I know that we would want John and Jenny to take our kids. They have already taught us so much about parenting. As for being replaced…well, most people are irreplaceable (as it should be). If you work to mentor someone the hope is that that person will surpass anything you have done.

  6. I would put Mitt Romney up for v.p. with McCain
    and with Obama,…Hillery… first woman, first black “In the name of Jesus we leave america in your hands”.

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