Behold the power of Doodling

While Pastor Dan preached on Sunday, May 18, I started doodling. I admit. This was my second time to hear the message and my intent for that service to create the PromiseGroup lesson based on his sermon. I was writing notes for the lesson and doodling. I had heard that doodling actually increased your retention.
I found at the end of the message that I had a great experience. I had learned different things while doodling. Pasted below is research I found on the topic. Basically, they say it ‘releases’ both sides of your brain and relaxes your brain to receive more information. You switch from linear thinking to lateral thinking. Research says to get full benefit of the doodling, that it should be related to the message. You will find my example is NOT. (Sorry, Sinors. I love you guys! Please know the adaptations to your faces do not reflect in any way how I feel or think about you or anyone else.)

I think that note taking is a great way to follow a message. Although, sometimes I don’t take notes at all. Note taking addresses your physical/mental portion of the message. We must not forget or neglect the spiritual side of the message. There is definitely a spiritual side that does not require notes or doodling.

All of this gave me an idea. Some day soon, I am going to have a doodling contest during a message or talk to see who can throw down a good doodle.



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  1. Jaylene Grant

    Pastor…Your something else.! I have to say I find my self doodling alot when I am thinking and Planning things out. Sounds like it makes sense to me.

    Where can I sign up for the doodle contest?

  2. The second we begin to doodle we also go through a
    transformation which if you were connected to an EEG would show a shift from high-frequency brainwave activity to a lower frequency. Thus you are shifting to an altered state of consciousness and powerful magic takes place in these regions. By working lists and sketches you invoke both hemispheres but the sketching part keeps your brainwaves near the Alpha cycles, which is where healing and creativity accelerates.

  3. Well, I must admit, Pastor is quite the artist !!!! I love it…. Atleast he gave me the sun glasses…. LOL. Your right Pastor, this is funny.

  4. Dennis has some good entries for your doodling contest…

    I doodle, but more abstract like swirls and stuff.

  5. …kindergarten doodle alot but it is called something else..scribbling. However, when I allow my students to free write; it is magical.
    Do I make sense? Probably not but I did join today’s blog. šŸ™‚

  6. I take notes, just about every service—feel like I have not done my job, if I don’t. I love to look back over the notes the following week. It definitely helps with sermon retainage. I have to admit that I usually don’t change the look of faces on the bulletin, but I do scribble/doodle some. Pastor has been doodling on faces for years!! Some stories on that! You should see some of our old PromiseLand Central church picture directories. Some real artwork there. šŸ™‚

  7. oopps the above comments are not from Rob. They are from me (kathy). Rob is not a note taker or a doodler.

  8. Hey Rob I want to see.
    I too love to doodle and have as long as i can remember,and Lord knows thats a lonnnnnnggg time.

    Pastor , please let me doodle on bulletin next time Bill Sinors is on.!!!Hee :}

  9. Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation šŸ™‚ Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Heed!!

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