What if you were wrong

Okay, I am going to say something about this…

I have not heard Jeremiah Wright’s entire sermons, but I am thinking of watching a couple of them. From catching a few clips online and on satellite radio, I have heard some ‘powerful’ and provocative speech.

I hear his supporters saying that he is speaking prophetically. When you study the prophets of the Old Testament, they were not status quo, government supporting preachers. Interesting thoughts to think what an Old Testament prophet would say about America today.

My bigger topic today or bigger picture is not necessarily Jeremiah Wright, but how do I decide my point of view. Rev. Wright happens to be a good case study.

Education (going to college and getting a degree) has forced me to analyze every situation through different eyes. I give things a thorough screening before casting judgment. Then, when seeing with spiritual eyes, I can discern the intent and purpose. I often find a battle between my knee-jerk reaction and the ones that I come with after examination and prayer.

I know that whether I am watching CNN, ABC, or FOXnews that any media source has bias. One way or the other. So, taking their spin is not the best option.

My intent today is not to pick a side. It is to stimulate your mind a little. I am going out on a limb and say I did.


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  1. I debated for several hours whether i would allow comments on this blog for the simple reason: i knew the comments would take a turn I didn’t want to take. not that I disagree or agree with them. I simply don’t want to converse about those topics here.

    I finally decided to allow comments and I would approve each one before posting.
    well, my dad was the first to take a shot and it was a well thought out comment. it started to take that route though. so, i blocked it.

    if you want your comment to last, talk about the general topic not the specific “case study”

  2. How about this: I believe that we should filter all input through the eyes of Jesus. The only modern day prophet I have ever known is Bishop Kenneth Phillips who has preached against the societal ills of America for years, yet he never crossed over to a political agenda and always gave us solutions based on Biblical principals that changed the person, not the system.

  3. melanie mendez gonzales

    pastor robin, i would agree that what i learned in college has changed the way i look at things. before college i was soo passionate about several topics (religion and politics being some of them) … and had such a huge opinion about them. many people could not get me to see differently. as my education continued i began to analyze things more and really questioning where ‘facts’ were coming from. especially being a mass comm major and studying about biased reporters and stations. now i can say that not even analyzing is the extent of developing my perspective on any topic. i do take time to analyze things, pray about it and discuss it with others whom i trust their opinions. (whether i agree or not) in this case, it has just been a whirlwind of info out there. and i have been in prayer about this whole election 08 and all that is coming out of this. (don’t judge my typing and grammar errors now that i have exposed myself as a mass comm major)

  4. Rev Mark fairlie

    Your blogs r really close to what i see. i had a bird also?.I have spirit eyes…also

  5. Rev Mark fairlie

    prophetic? R U ?

  6. Anne Griffith

    I tend to keep my eyes on Israel’s political situation and our interaction there rather than looking here. As for the prophets of old, I find it fascinating that Elijah was very much alone and almost nobody went looking for him except to kill him and the kings did not enjoy his prophetic words from the Lord whereas Elisha was sought out and welcomed into many homes throughout all the kingdoms during his time used by God. And then I go to Jeremiah 15:10-21.

  7. There are several ways of looking at the world/government. When Jesus came, He didn’t pursue a solution to the world ills by going through the government. Many of his followers believed Jesus would actually become a physical ruler of a world kingdom.

    My oulook is this, many of the problems in the world cannot be solved or resolved through government. The government could pass a law tomorrow outlawing abortion, but abortions would still occur. Until the hearts of the women of this country are turned toward God and protecting their own children, there will be abortions.

    As the church, our primary focus should be pointing people toward Jesus because He is the only one who can change the hearts of men.

  8. so true, Casey, Anne, Melanie, and Rob.

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