Strange Bird

This is what you call a strange bird. Four years ago, this bird first showed up at our house. We noticed him because he kept flying into our window. Not just once or twice. All day for weeks. The next spring he returned.

Last year, he was missing. This spring he returned and everyday he flies into the window. About 3-4 hours a day.



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  1. Poor old bird, he probably has social issues and can’t maintain relationships. On top of that, he must have anger issues also and thinks the reflection is some other fierce looking bird that hits him every time he flies into the window. I think we need to refer him to Dan for counseling or maybe a retreat to Genesis Ranch.

  2. that is a great idea, dad. i will tell dan. this is a whole new segment he has not planned on.

    i searched google video for more crazy cardinals. there were about 10 other videos just like mine. Amazing.

  3. Could be and ole bird who is past his prime and needs Glasses.

  4. update on bird…we put a stuffed Santa Claus in the window and scared him off.
    poor little bird…

  5. Angela Jimenez

    It must be a cardnal thing we have one at our house that does the same thing to our truck windows…How weird! we thought we had the only stange one!!!

  6. Donna Hernandez

    We had one at work that kept doing that to one of the classroom windows. I think it was seeing it’s reflection and since it was in the spring was trying to scare off the competition. The teacher kept putting things in the window to scare it off but nothing worked.

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