Good Friday to You…

I love Fridays as I am sure many of you do to.  However, Friday for me is like Tuesday is for you.  Friday is the day before the 2 most important days of my week.  Go figure how that applies to you…

Anyway, we are doing well here on the 10 acres.  We are narrowing in on our final Playground system.  The Children’s Ministry is about to remodel several of their rooms.  We have a guest worship leader this weekend: Matt Brock (no relation to Steve).  I am having the Journey Bible Study professionally produced.  It will be made available to other churches and individuals to complete.

We have had some great reports from PromiseGroup this week.  I am excited about the Sinor’s group!  We are about to organize our PromiseGroup calendar into Trimesters.  Three 16 week sessions per year with 2 week breaks in between.  Each Trimester will offer our regular groups plus specialty groups as well.  These groups will be for men, women, and several other interests.  This will allow people to be a little more ‘fluid’ in their participation.

Don’t forget our 5th Birthday Celebration will be June 6,7,8th!  Make plans to be here.  You won’t want to miss this weekend.



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  1. We want to launch a group for adults over 65. We are struggling for a good name. Can you help us?
    I went to the thesaurus and looked up Elderly. This is what I found:
    -past middle age
    -over the hill
    -long in the tooth
    -golden agers
    -old fogey

    none of these sound good. I thought if it was all ladies we could use the old TV Show: Golden Girls!

  2. other church names i have heard for this age-group are:

  3. Maybe we should call the “Silver Surfers”.

  4. I am VERY sad that I will miss the 5 year celabration!! My sister is getting Married on the 7th and I will beheaded for Kansas on the 2and of June 😦 ! HAVE FUN EVERYONE!!!!

    I have to say I like the Silver Surfers!!

    HAPPY GOOD FRIDAY (Tuesday) TO YOU!!! Pastor Robin

  5. Those names on the list sound so negative. As someone not so far from that age, I sure think the name should have a positive ring to it. After all, these folks have survived the perils of life and accumulated wisdom because of it, but when they try to share that wisdom the younger folks think they are senile, out of touch, old, grey,…

  6. Dad, i agree 100%. lets get a name that covers that good stuff!

  7. Hmmmm, maybe something like “Golden Warriors” I agree with Brother Rob, lets get a good name for them.

  8. Saffron Theiss

    My parents are around this age and they would be horrified to be part of a group with any of these names.In Europe 65 is considered young.I would also like to say that they love hanging out with people of all ages, and would never attend a group for over 65’s.I don’t feel that age matters.I think the best groups have young and old, and can address everyones needs.

  9. Ouch, Good point Saffron. I know I didn’t mean anything bad by my post, but can understand your point of view……

  10. We have had several people interested in a group for this age group. however, this will not change the fact that we want them involved in all other areas.
    I might add that most of the names are tongue in cheek. hopefully none are offended.

  11. Saffron Theiss

    I think that my post must have come across abit to harsh.I’m sorry if it did.I certainly didn’t intend that .

  12. Saffron, I think your comment was right on.
    I am never to old to learn from these ‘youngsters ‘
    And us Twilght people can teach these young puppies a thing or two.!!
    Just call me “The young of hearts”

  13. Angela Jimenez

    How bout pillars of strength?

  14. It was brought to my attiention that We as young folks should not be picking names for the “young at heart” 🙂 (love ya Nelsse) and I agree that this is totaly soemthing that the group should decide together.

  15. Hey, I agree with Jaylene and Saffron at the same time. Of course, I am way too young for that group 🙂 but will get there eventually. I think all ages should get together for some things. I also think it great to have events that are age appropriate. Sometimes it is good to get together with just folks close to your age. I also think that group should have a meeting and name themselves. AND whoever thought that the “Young at Heart” (over 50) was once called the “Olders” dreamed that one up. It was originally called “Forever Young”.

  16. What is an “age appropriate event” for the “over 50” group? You all ought to take an RVing trip…go “camping” somewhere.

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