What about Pirates?

Did you hear about 10 pirates off the coast of Somalia that held a boat hostage? I am not talking about 200 years ago. I am talking about several days ago. Did you know that pirates still sail the seas looking for boats to steal, pillage, and do whatever they want with? I thought for some reason that they didn’t exist any longer. I read on cnn.com that there have been many pirate attacks recently off of the coast of Somalia.

Well, my point is this…When we think of low-life scum stealing and killing innocent people in 2008, we would never glamorize them. Would we?

For some reason, when many years pass, we are able to separate the filthy, detestable, despicable, acts from the person. We have kids running around in pirate outfits saying, “aaarrrrr”. We have kids running around in bandit clothes, we have kids running around in… You get my point.

I was watching my 4yr old having this love for pirates. It made me think, why is this okay? Pirates were horrible role models. Then I thought of the VeggieTales who gave us a way out. “The Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything”. These guys actually helped save people. So, is it okay now to have a pirate as a hero?



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  1. My hero as a kid was a Pirate, his name was “Black eyed Joe”
    Many different stories of ole black eyed Joe, courages and bold. Joe saved many ships from the bad man of the seas, the clifts, and saved many cargos of silver and gold. I think daddy had a love of Robin Hood in him for ole Joe helped the poor . I can close my eyes and see Ole Joe spinning around his cape flying around him. His face smilling,his eyes flashing so handsome was he. I think i was in love with him..
    So Pastor you ask is it ok to have a pirate as a hero. I think yes, for pirate is only a word, its who you are and how you treat people that make you good or evil in the eyes of others.
    We “King” kids loved the stories our daddy use to tell us . One of my favorite memories as a child.

  2. The thing with pirates that apeal to heart of a boy (and some men) is they are very adventurous. Wild at Heart (John Eldridge) says that every man needs and adventure to live.

    I think there are also many “pirate” stories that are a little like Robin Hood…steal from the rich to give to the poor. He isn’t a very good role model either come to think of it.

    What captured my imagination…Nancy Drew. I think I read every Nancy Drew book. I like that she fought for justice and look danger in the eye. LOL.

  3. What’s that skull & crossbones all about? I’m not totally comfortable with that. And I’m also not comfortable with the evil looking toys Evan gets with his “happy” meal.

  4. Pirates have been around a long time but from the 17th to 19th century they really came into their own. They started out as privateers (privately owned ships) sanctioned by their government to attack the enemy vessels and were allowed to keep the spoils of the encounter. This kept the need for a navy down. However the captains of the ships soon figured out that since they were not accountable to anyone, why not capture any ship and get a lot more loot. I can not think of any good thing associated with pillaging, looting, and killing other people for their goods. Our literature has romanticized pirates and the word is meaningless to the kids. Is it up the parents to determine if a pirate is a good role model for the kids. By the way, if pirates were such good sword fighters, why did they all get their eyes poked out and legs cut off?

  5. Limbs were usually lost wressling allegators in the Carribean. 😀 Not in sword fights.

  6. My pirate was GOOD, and he had both of his flashing black eyes. You guys need to hang out with a different story teller!!! LoL,…… Is it not, in the eyes of the beholder. Thanks Pastor this is way to much fun.

  7. i think you can justify just about anything these days from letting kids dress up as pirates to watching a show you know is inappropriate. For example take a whimsical show like Pirates of the Carribean it featured witch craft, violence, purgatory, greed, and i’m sure much more all of which we allow to download instantly in to our minds,spirits, and hearts. Then we wonder why are sleep is not peaceful or we are behaving greedily with things not belonging to us I’m just saying, “It might be acceptable but is it benificial?”

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