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  1. danielle2dani

    I can’t believe that these students were actually plotting to kill their teacher! I wonder if they would have actually gone through with it.

  2. When i heard this on the news, I thought what is becoming to this world.?
    But I know, they have taken God out of the schools and the work places and the goverment buildings and people have taken God out of their lifes and it makes me wonder what some parents are teaching their children at home.?
    Like Jesus said as he was hanging on the cross forgive them Father as they know not what they are doing. ….We must bring Jesus back!!!

  3. I have not heard about this. I can’t believe it is really true. That is so very, very sad. People need God so much. PromiseLand, keep up the good work. We, as individuals, need to teach all the children around us about Jesus and what HE teaches. I want to encourage you grandmothers & granddads to teach your little ones about Jesus. You don’t have to give a full lesson. Just as they are playing around the house or riding in the car with you, talk about Jesus to them, pray with them, sing with them. It will pay off.

  4. In case you haven’t heard, here’s the story…,2933,344369,00.html

  5. thanks, casey.
    by the way, here is the link to casey’s story on our Easter Service…
    click here

  6. These kids’ action was merely the exposed tip of a very large iceberg. Underneath the action was the fact that they were in special ed because of: attention deficit disorder, delayed development and hyperactivity, etc. Now I realize I am considered a relic from a less enlightened time, but I firmly believe that these conditions are the result of parent’s lifestyles or actions or lack thereof. So I place the parents squarely under the conditions the kids have. Below that is our modern society that produces the parents that produce the kids. We all think how horrible is this that third graders conspire to kill their teacher. But I say they are only the end result of a long line of misguided liberal thinking that has been taught in our schools and halls of higher learning for many years. This is just the start of what is coming to America if we continue on the road we are going down.

  7. elizabeth duecker

    very very sad.

  8. As a classroom teacher, lack of respect towards an authority figure, fearless of consequences, and verbal attacks are very real in the school environment.
    We need mentors in school!

  9. I work with preschool 3’s and 4’s and i am astonished every day by the lack of respect they show their parents and try to show the teachers you would not believe it if I told you. I am sad that satan is so good at killing, stealing , and destroying . The biggest liar has the world suckered into buying all these diseases ADD, ADHD, and all the others. Druging these kid is not the answer getting healing from Yahweh is! In the old testament to receive healing they looked upon a brazen serpent but we are under the new covenant praise the Lord for the Son whose blood tore the veil “JESUS” just call upon his name and be healed!!!

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