We Packed the PAC.

 Your Easter 2008 thoughts?

What was your vantage point?

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Hello. I pastor PromiseLand Church in San Marcos, TX. I am married to Erica, and we have 3 kids: Kennady, Jude, and Avery. All little ones! Visit our church site at www.psmchurch.com

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  1. If you have 1 or 2 good pictures of the day, please email them to info@psmchurch.com

  2. I have some pictures but may not be able to mail them until this afternoon…

  3. I LOVED what we(our church family) did. It was so great seeing everyone together !! I know there were many many people who worked hard to make the PAC our church home away from home and I think it was awesome!
    I spoke to a few people last night who was there visiting, and the only thing they could say was they wish Pastor could have talked longer. Now I am no expert here,but Im pretty sure that means they were into what he had to say. Come on somebody…. and yes, I told them they can get more at 1650 Lime Kiln Road.
    Any word on the final count?
    Thank you Pastor!!!!

  4. What an incredibly special day!!!! I believe it was the best Easter EVER!!! and I have witnessed alot of special Easter Days. Before the service started, I would think WOW! so many people. Then immediately, I would stop and say, “THANK YOU, JESUS! because it happened all because of YOU!”.

    Now today, I say, “Thank you to all of my church family! What an incredible job all the volunteers did to make this such a special Easter. Thank you, Jacob, for leading such a talented, annointed praise team. AND a big thank you to you, Pastor, for such a vision, annointing and ability to lead people. What a powerful sermon!
    I just can’t wait to watch the DVD! It will be a treasure to keep.
    Thank YOU, JESUS, for being in our midst and for touching so many lives!!!!

  5. I must add. Pastor, you looked sharp with and without the tie. 🙂

  6. Driving up to the building was filled with anticipation and then seeing all the cars was exciting!! I immediately felt thankfulness to our God. The whole service was organized and so well put together and and the message brilliant. There is such a sense of proudness that we packed the PAC (with God’s help of course), all for the Glory of God! The guest we brought all enjoyed it.

    My son Joshua also enjoyed Sunday School. He came home singing “I went to the enemy’s camp and I TOOK back what he stole from me”. He had hand gestures to go along with it too. It was good!

    What a wonderful day!

  7. Saffron Theiss

    The BEST Easter i’ve ever had.Beautiful Cross,amazing service,brilliant message.Such a special day.Didn’t want it to end.Thank you so much Jesus.

  8. I posted a few pictures of the crowd and announcements (didn’t feel it was appropriate to be flashing pictures during the sermon) on my blog.

    Also, Pastor, you preached hard enough to rip that tie right off. 😀 Great message!

  9. casey, see if the Free Press will print a few

  10. It was a wonderful day and I am blessed to have been a small part of it. It will be difficult to forget the shock of you cutting up T-Bear’s coat (glad he has a new one). However, it will be a reminder of how I am wearing Jesus. Great illustration, pastor.

  11. Pastor, my pictures weren’t “GREAT” but if you want to email me some better pictures, then I’ll see what I can do.

  12. It was a great service…I was so proud of Pastor Robin! I had six students that came and fed them afterwards. They love the service…one student was is a muslim and had never been to a church service and she loved the sermon!

  13. Great service! Awesome God! Thanks to everyone for the hard work to make it happen. What a display of a spirit of unity by the members! I’m humbled and proud to be a part of PSM!

  14. lorawilliams08

    Wow it was pac!
    What are we going to pac next year? It was awesome to pull away from the table and let other’s eat. But, I would love to watch the DVD.

  15. most likely, we will NOT go back to the PAC. there are 2 reasons.
    1. it will be too small for 1 service.
    2. there is another church that is about to use it on a weekly basis.

    hopefully, the new San Marcos Convention Center will be large enough to accomdate 2000. 🙂

  16. I still believe that someday we will fill the Texas State football stadium!!!

  17. AMEN Pastor. I agree, we will need space for at least 2000 !!!!!! and I like your thought Bro. Rob, Tx. State stadium would be awesome to fill for a service. WOW what a feeling !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Well Pastor I emailed a couple of pictures to Erica cause I didn’t read the message all the way. So if needed I will email them to the church. SORRY:(

  19. Please pass this message along. We have a special deal for anyone who missed the service while volunteering in another area of the PAC. Please check in at the kiosk next Sunday or call the church to place an order for a CD or DVD. Sorry, Jackie! I just gave you another job. 🙂 CD $2.00 DVD $4.00—for volunteers only!!!!

    —(this is pastor jumping in to edit this comment). I want to sponsor all our volunteers that were not in the service. they need to get a free CD or DVD. See your ministry leader or director, they will have free copies. == =Robin

  20. Angela Jimenez

    It was incredible!!!! I Loved Everything About It ! Pastor you hit the nail right on the head! And Jacob and the praise team ROCKED!!! So Pastor how did it feel for you to see us all at the same time( plus guests) ?
    I also wanted to give a couple of praise reports…My Uncle who had a major stroke 3 weeks ago has been moved to a rehab center and is doing so much better …Thanks so much all of you who lifted him up in prayer!!! And I had asked my promise group to join me in prayer to ask God to send me the right person to work at the shop well a week ago he sent in Latonya she and I got to talking and it turns out she has goes to Promiseland too! (she goes at a diffrent time and I had no idea!) And we had both been praying for the samething!!! God is so AWSOME!!!!!!!!

  21. What a Easter, We prayed and he answered. So many faces I did not know, So many hands I welcome.
    I would say that Promiseland San Marcos was leading the Easter Parade this year.
    Thank you Jesus.!!!
    The cross was beautiful, a wonderful ideal.
    My love to my Pastor and his wife, sister Pastor

  22. I was in Infant & Toddler Church (6 months-3 years old) and our room was packed too!

    I want to thank all of the volunteers that we had. What a great team of people to work with. I thought that with so many kids I would feel really overwhelmed, but that was not the case at all. Everyone stepped up and pitched in and everything seemed to flow smoothly.

    The kids had a great time and the 2-5 year olds even had an Easter Egg Hunt!

    I look forward to watching the DVD too. I guess I’ll get to see it before everyone else since Mark can totally hook me up first! 🙂

  23. I want to say Thank-you God for the vision, thank-you Pastor for your obedience, and thank-you to all who help in making this realm possible, it was spiritually and physically amazing. . I believe we are on the way of filling up space in increments of thousand. Get ready!!

  24. I had goosebumps when I walked into the room and saw a sea of people worshipping! We have the success of this weekend to help fuel us for a long time. He is moving! I agree with some of the others….what is our next goal?

  25. We don’t get to make it to PromiseLand as often … but we couldn’t miss this Easter. HALLELUJAH!!!!

    Pastor, thank you for the vision and being obedient. What blessings God has given in a wonderful church. Volunteers – you are blessings …. THANK YOU!!!!!!! And that praise team …. mm … mm… mm!! God is working thru you!!

    Even at the PAC, PromiseLand feels like home. I can’t wait to see what God reveals next!

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