You Decide 2008


I have a nice gray pinstripe suit for Easter with a light blue shirt.

The question is…Do I wear a Tie?

the blog decides:

a. Yes, wear a tie
b. No, don’t wear a tie
c. wear a tie and then take it off
d. wear a bolo


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Hello. I pastor PromiseLand Church in San Marcos, TX. I am married to Erica, and we have 3 kids: Kennady, Jude, and Avery. All little ones! Visit our church site at

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  1. You have told the ushers/greeters to be comfortable so I think you should do what is comfortable for you. NO TIE.

  2. Let us have some diversity here in the comments. πŸ™‚ I think you should wear the tie to begin with and take it off when you preach????

  3. Kathy, in other words NO TIE.

  4. B. Be yourself and be comfortable. With all the pressure of hundreds of eyes on you just be yourself and enjoy God’s presence and anointing!

  5. No Tie, please!

  6. It’s Easter Sunday…wear a tie. Other people will be dressing up for Easter. When we were growing up, Easter Sunday was THE Sunday to dress up. Get a new suit, get a new dress (one of the only new dresses we would get for the spring/summer). It was also when we would take family pictures. We always dressed up for church on Sundays. While I know God does not require us to dress up for any service I think it is great to respect the house of God by dressing nicer than you would while laying around your house (I don’t think it is appropriate to wear sweat pants/running shorts/work out cloths/or club attire to church services, EVER) Some traditions are worth perserving. Traditions like wearing your best to church on Easter Sunday. Of course, that’s just my opinion. πŸ˜€

  7. I think A is the proper answer for a minister on Easter Sunday morning. Of course I will miss out on this blessing as I was instructed to wear black pants and shirt due to working with the equipment and I try to obey them that have rule over me. But I do remember a tradition of preachers getting all worked up during the sermon and taking off the tie as a symbolic gesture of freedom in worship.

  8. So what you (Rob) are saying is it is okay for him to take off his tie if preaches hard enough to work up a sweat. (lqtm).

  9. C is my answer. It seems like it would show the respectfullness of a preacher wearing a tie on Easter Sunday and then you could get comfortable and show your warm and personal side by taking the tie off.

  10. Wear a tie. I agree with Casey and Abbie .
    Your our leader we follow.
    Society has taken God out of our school lets put it back into
    The house of the Lord.

  11. joshuasthoughts

    As I think back, I can not say that I can recall but maybe one or two times where I have seen you in a tie Pastor. Personally I have respect that about you. You carry yourself with the dignity of a Man of God. Perpetration is nothing more than flattery of society in my dull opinion. SO I choose “b” for “b” yourself!
    (Sorry Rob, please dont get mad at me).

  12. Elizabeth Duecker

    I think wear a tie. I know my husband never wears ties but on Easter he will. The whole family will be dressing up. All feeling bright and new. Whatever you do pastor we’ll love ya anyway!

  13. lorawilliams08

    I say no tie you would look nice either way. And if people are more focus on you wearing a tie. I would be more concerned about the WORD that is going to be delivered. Also the lives that are going to be change through GOD’S message.

    NO TIE!!!!!!!!!!

  14. lorawilliams08

    Why not wear a Bolo?

  15. I think you should wear whatever you feel comfortable with that day. You should wait until that morning to decide. Oh by the way… What is a Bolo?

  16. I have to agree with Rob, Casey, Abbie and Wynnel. I always try to dress my best for Sunday, especially Easter when we are honoring what Jesus did for us. Plus, look at the pictures you used. Which one do you think looks more sophisticated? I think C, of course. Could it be that he is the only one I recognize? Ooops, am I showing my age?

  17. Teresa, I assume you think I should leave out the pipe.

  18. Pastor, I think you should be comfortable , so NO TIE. Like we have said, we are not doing anything different this Sunday than we do any other one. While you do wear ties from time to time, you should keep it the same. Maybe Sister Kathy has the idea, do like you did in church one time. ” Everybody see my tie? looks nice? great, now I’m taking it off” It was funny then, would be again.
    Sorry Brother Rob., However I like you Rob will be in black so I will not be wearing a tie either.

  19. Danielle Armstrong

    It depends on your hair…
    Will you have:
    (a) comb-over
    (b) spiked
    (c) side-part and neatly combed
    (d) no part and stylish messy
    (e) fohawk
    (f) all over the place gelled/wax
    (g) other

  20. Danielle,
    at this point I don’t need A. Never will do C. No to E, B and F.

    probably will end up with some sort of d, but not too messy.

  21. Danielle Armstrong

    I see. Well- I am going to have to say no tie. First, your hairstyle is nice, but not slick-stickler. Second, The colors you have chosen are wonderful for the occasion and the pinstripe already gives the outfit a classy pizzazz. I feel the tie would give you more of a over-the-top runway sort-of look. I guess it all depends on the look you are going for. If you decide no tie, I suggest bringing it along just incase you change your mind at last minute. Honestly, I think it depends on the crowd. The greeters will be dressed down- and if more people come dressed down than dressed up… then having a tie on could be a bad idea. But on the other hand- if the PAC is packed with tie-wearers and stiletto’s… a tie could be a marvelous idea!

  22. Danielle, you should comment more often. Great to hear your versions. πŸ™‚

  23. To wear or not to wear ? That is the question…..
    I say, Let your neck be your guide. Amen

  24. So, did you wear the tie?

  25. I started with TIE and then took it off at the end…
    I was not going to wear it, but Erica said I should. so, she counts for about 10 votes.

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