We all break the same

The story of New York Govenor Eliot Spitzer reminds me of another great song by Mutemath.  “We All Break the Same

Mr. Spitzer was well known as an Attorney General that “went after” corruption.  In fact here is a quote from cnn.com, ” Spitzer, whose squeaky-clean image as a corporate corruption-buster made him a rising Democratic star”

A few years ago, there was the story of the astronaut that traveled across the country in some weird stalking, sexual story.  I remember hearing news anchors and “talking heads” saying that she was well educated.  After all to become an astronaut, you can’t be dumb.  But, being dumb and being smart has nothing to do with falling and breaking.

We All Break The Same

the crowds roll by
and im falling in
everyone’s invicible
but its just pretend

and we all freaked out
what a shame
when only tears
know how
to remind us we all break the same

we all break the same
and we all break the same

and everything we’ve built
could be our demise
it’s the sticks and stones
that wear us down
that often save our lives

the different stars tonight
will somehow fade the same
and all the tears we cry
tell us we’re made the same
and when we fall aside
let’s hope we fall in place
we built our different lives
but they all break the same

oh different worlds
and different hearts
and different souls
and different parts

and we all
we all break the same



About pastorrobin

Hello. I pastor PromiseLand Church in San Marcos, TX. I am married to Erica, and we have 3 kids: Kennady, Jude, and Avery. All little ones! Visit our church site at www.psmchurch.com

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  1. So what is the point? The point is no matter how smart, rich, powerful, or squeaky clean you are, you still are human and have the keen ability to mess it all up. Don’t think you are clear or graduated from the possibility of a fall.

    Do you know who picks you up after the falls?

  2. Thanks Pastor, this is good stuff. It reminds me of a sermon Bishop Phillips preached using 1st Cor. 10:12 which says: Wherefore, let him that thinketh he standeth take heed lest he fall. I remember him pinching his arm and saying: “this is Phillips flesh and its nasty stuff. It always wants to take over and do fleshly things.” No matter who we are, no matter what we believe, we are all still wrapped in flesh. The only way to avoid the flesh taking over is to let God’s Spirit have control of our lives. Gov. Spitzer did not have the Holy Spirit available to give him guidance the first time he slipped and it became a routine activity until he got caught.

  3. …..JESUS does all ways. For with out him I would be a total mess. Scary thought isn`t it .
    With the holy ghost in me all things are possible.

  4. Thanks God for His graces that countinually covers us if we but seek Him! We all sin and fall short of His glory, but by the strength Jesus gives us we’re able to pick our selves up and continue even when we fail (sin). If men would just learn to pray and follow the Lord’s precepts they would find His suffiient grace to keep them straight. I don’t condone Spitzer’s conduct. I also believe the people like Eliot Spitzer have a harder time in life and are a greater target for evil to befall because of their high position. Another reason for us to continue to pray for our government leaders and persons in authority. While the world (and media especially) have a feeding freenzy over the situation we need to pray for the man and his family. I always pray God be merciful on the USA and forgive us of our sins as a nation. ONLY by God’s grace and mercy do we stand as a nation and have His protection and success. And that’s about all I have to say about that!

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