sports fans are sensitive

If you don’t like sports, please don’t read this or give some sort of comment slamming sports.

Growing up in Texas, I have always liked the Longhorns, Cowboys, and Spurs. In the 80s, I started liking the Lakers.

Each season, when my team doesn’t make the playoffs or Superbowl (although, with the teams I pick I have enjoyed a lot of winning) I often pick another team to cheer for. In the past, I picked teams with the best story line. I have found that most sports fans like the sport with the following breakdown: 50% for the actual game and 50% for the storyline behind the game. We love the soap-opera story. The background story creates a lot of excitement for the actual game.

danmarinoSo, in the past, I would be very upset when a certain player that I like didn’t win. I felt sorry for Karl Malone, he was a good guy and didn’t win the championship. Dan Marino, Charles Barkley, the list goes on and on.

Finally, it donned on me…why do I feel sorry for a guy that is making $5,000,000 a year plus endorsements? When we were watching the Cowboys this year lose against the Giants. Tony Romo bowed his head and my mom said, “poor guy.” I said, “Mom, he just signed a $60,000,000 contract. I don’t feel sorry for him.”

I have learned to enjoy sports for the game itself and not so much for the all the other.

Am I being cynical and insensitive? Does this realization ruin the story line?



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  1. After you told me that, I did not feel sorry for him. Now I will only feel sorry for the unpaid players—-school sports. 🙂

  2. Well, I have to check myself often while watching basketball because I openly like “dirty, aggressive” ball. What does that say about me? Oh yea, Go Pistons!

  3. My take is this: When a bunch of guys are watching a game, there is more excitement in the moment because camaraderie compounds the interest. The more people that are added to the mix the more excitement is communicated to the group. It is why attending a live game is so much more of an experience than watching one at home alone. Sports, like movies, are about entertainment of the masses and only so many people can attend the theatre or actual game. Therefore for the actors or athletes, and producers, must market the event via movies or television. I think the 50/50 breakdown is probably correct because the story line is part of the marketing concept. Without the emotional bond of the story, the game is simply a contest between a group of people. It is interesting by itself but doesn’t sell as well to the masses.

    Now if you really want to see an emotional bond at a sporting event, go watch a soccer match between Hays and Westlake and watch the parents sitting in the stands. They know all about the story line because their kid is playing. I remember one guy a long time ago who was a peaceful man, but had to be held down from jumping the ref after a heated game in which the ref constantly sided with Westlake. Thank God for Kathy…

  4. Well bro Rob you got my attention,you getting heated at a game. Image that …. Thanks for the laught ! :}
    I love watching high school football when I know someone playing. Use to go a lot in Brady many moons ago.

  5. Thank you Brother Rob. As you all know I have a 4 yr. old son (almost 5) who will be playing soccer this spring and summer. I think it will be VERY wise for me to have Karen with me and I can only pray she will be as cool and calm as Sister Kathy to keep me out of trouble LOL.
    I also agree, I like to watch football at home, but let a group of us get together or go to a game live…. now that is FUN. Guess that is why I am a season ticket holder to the Hays Rebels and my son isn’t even playing….yet.

  6. Ok, this blog may not have gone the direction that Pastor intended today, but I have to make one more comment. 🙂 The Bible says: “Be angry and sin not.” Rob did not say that I was not angry. I just knew that anything Rob did would not “help” the situation. We have to show Jesus wherever we are. I love watching soccer—–alone or with someone. I knew nothing about it until Pastor started playing when he was very young.

  7. Carolyn, shouldn’t you be a Pacer fan? I thought you were from Indiana…

  8. great points everyone on youth sports. I love to watch little league and high school sports. it takes you back to the original love of the game.

  9. Okay … I consider myself a great spectator. I am not athletic but I LOVE sports …. so I watch … a lot. I too had a realization of how much $$$ these guys are making. I have to admit, it changed the way I watch and what I think when I watch. It makes ME a little sad because I can’t help but love the game (football in particular) however, I will always be skeptical about how much the players love to play VS. how much they play for the business aspect. As we cry our hearts out when “our” team doesn’t make it to the SuperBowl, etc.

    I do have my fav’s like Cowboys and Colts … Cowboys b/c they are in TX … Colts b/c Dungee I think is a stand up guy. And Peyton Manning, of course. Anyway what I meant to say is even though I have my favs, if I have to choose another team to cheer for like in the SuperBowl, I try to go on how the coaches and players react/act off the field as well as on.
    I want my son to enjoy sports but to also know the difference between good/bad sportsmanship and that it should make a difference in which team you cheer for. Remember, I am a Texan and Cowboys are in TX. I know they don’t have the best record off the field… part of the reason I looked to the Colts.

    And Pastor, I only feel sorry for the ones who are lost and can’t get it together (in their personal lives). They are like the rest of us and would be in a better place if God is made their priority.

  10. I like football. I like it cold and I like lots of slamming, lots of mud, lots of good runs. I cannot watch it with small children around because they may misinterrupt my demands to “hit him!” I worked at the university where the Detroit Lions trained for two summers when I was a teenager. It can be dissappointing getting too close to the personalities. They really are BIG people, though. And very grumpy when they are over their weight limit and have to eat the salad plate…….and pay a hefty fine.

  11. Nah, Detroit all the way!!!

  12. Next year, Super Bowl, Baby!

  13. Sister Anne, Obviously there is a side to you that I never noticed. I salute your ability to live life with jest and enjoyment yet always keep God in first place. By the way, how do you feel about the WWF?

  14. Well, I didn’t read all the responses but I can’t help but think that a society that pays someone 5 million dollars because he can throw a ball while the people who teach our kids to read doesn’t even make .10% of that in a year has some issues. Where we put our money is what we value…

  15. Well, Brother Rob, I cannot tell a lie, I have watched in the way, way past. Talk about your drama…………and Casey, well, I will say this about the money the football players are paid. They are fined astronomical amounts of money by their particular camp for everything from being overweight, underweight, late for meals, missing meals, missing training, missing practices, missing curfews (yes, they have curfews), and not being in uniform and I am sure I missed something. Athletes can only perform if their bodies hold out, which is not very long. And guess how much insurance goes for when you allow yourself to get beat up five times a week, every weekend and nine times a week off season? I learned all this at camp………………………okay, honestly, this was fun, I forgot I knew all that and when do you ever get to share that kind of information?

  16. Still..if a teacher makes $50K a year (and that would be a very generous school district) would have to work 20 years to make a $1,000,000…that teacher doesn’t have the option to endorse products, etc. There is no way around it, the value place don athletes is outrageous.

  17. Preach it, Sis. CB

  18. Honestly, isn’t this an age old argument? I mean, the reverence for athletes dates back to BC, Greek society. They also revered intellectualism for the sake of intellectualism as long as the peasants were pandering to the prestigous. This was Socrates’ argument all along with his peers. Our Lord and Savior came robed in flesh and was not revered by any but the one’s who’s hearts were prepared, contrite and humbled by the forerunner, John, and this was in accordance with PROPHECY. Paul used athletics and athletes all the time as a metaphor for walking after our conversions (repentence, baptism and filled with the Holy Ghost). Our God came to Earth as a teacher, this is reward enough to any teacher.

  19. Do you feel sorry for Tom Brady today?

  20. Yes, I do. I like the idea of a perfect season.

  21. Yes, most definitely, yes. Watching him in the final seconds was painful as he just kept running the same play to no avail. If it had been Hollywood……….

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