Fasting Quiz

A.  I have fasted often and this is what happens ________________

B.  I have fasted a couple of times and it is tough because _________________

C.  I haven’t fasted yet, but am anxious to see _______________in my life after fasting.

D. I don’t fast and probably won’t fast.

E.  ________________


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  1. To get my answer, get the message from Sunday, Dec 30th. (CD or DVD). email

    We are in a month of fasting here at the church. Each day of the month is taken by 2 individuals. We are fasting for spiritual breakthrough in our church.

  2. Fasting is one of the three points of my spiritual anchor, the others being prayer and reading the Word. However, it is by far the most difficult for my flesh to accept. Denying something I like to do so much is what it is all about.

  3. Oops, forgot to answer the quiz. “A” for me and the blank is: Every time I think of how hungry I am I remember why I am doing it and pray. I pray all day long!

  4. A.
    Fasting helps me realize that I am following God’s plan and not mine. I am like Rob—we like to eat so it is definitely God’s plan. Praying and reading the Bible along with fasting is of great importance. We do it all for Him and HIS kingdom.

  5. Okay, I know this is your church’s quiz but I feel like responding because fasting is one of my favorite subjects.

    A – In the past I have received deliverance of a life-long weakness. My heart has been changed.
    I remember my calling and get direction. I am revealed to myself and therefore know what to pray. Jesus becomes greater, the anointing is greater, I can hear Him easier. My motives get redirected toward Kingdom possibilities. My faith is placed in its proper place being a secure foundation. I remember promises Jesus gave me through His prophets. The Word becomes alive.

  6. Thank you, Carolyn. All are welcome to comment.

  7. A…. Fasting just makes me feel like Iam doing something for my God. And that makes me feel good.
    It takes me out of my comfort zone. Takes me to a different place with God.
    Toward my journey.

  8. A. I have fasted often and for long periods of time (extended). What happened…well, during the fast a lot of people offered me free food (this happens every time I go on a fast). Then I wonder if I should actually be fasting. I do never seem to pray as much as I had planned to (my head hurts from getting off the caffiene). And overall during my fast, I have thoughts like, “Why am I doing this? Did God really call me to it? etc.” But I know if I am able, then God called me because I love to eat, I love good food and fastinng is not something I can “do” on my own. So I stick it out. What happens after a fast is always exciting. It is as if the fast is the “winter” season (not much happening, kind of dry and dead) but after the fast, everything shifts into “high gear”. I’ve seen doors open that were not opened in the past. I’ve seen God move. I’ve heard from the Lord on specific areas of my life.

    Dennis and I fasted together for a week for the prayer ministry at our church…that fast cemented our friendship which lead to our courtship which lead to our marriage.

    Big things happen when we fast!

  9. One more comment—God will honor our fasting as a collective body this month!! Expect mighty things in the days to come. I believe people are going to see what a good effect it has and will want to continue it on a weekly basis. When this happens, we can really expect mighty outpowerings of God’s spirit in our midst in our church, and in our lives. AMEN!!!!!

  10. a. I have fasted often and I feel God presence strong I can hear him clearly speaking to me when I seek him.

  11. A.

    My favorite fast was the 40 days before my wedding day. I had been praying and seeking the Lord to know how long I should fast before our wedding (June, 2004). At first, I was thinking maybe 2 weeks. And then I started thinking about a month. (Prior to that, the longest I had ever fasted was 15 days.)

    41 days before my wedding, the Lord revealed in a very, very clear way to me that it was to be 40 days. He only gave me one day to get used to the idea!! 😉 (By the way, the way the Lord revealed it to me is an amazing story in and of itself, but I won’t go into it here in this comment.)

    It got me completely in the right frame of mind for marriage, and was one of the most incredible spiritual experiences of my life.

    And when I finally ate solid food on our wedding day with my new bride, it felt like I had entered into a new life. And our marriage has been incredible!! I believe it all had to do with being willing to lay myself down and put off my physical desire for food and seeking the Lord to be the center of my life and my marriage.

  12. B. because sometimes I just don’t succeed and it makes me unhappy……and the times that I do though I just sit back in wonder about how just the mention of HIS name makes me get through it without any worries at all! 🙂

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