Let’s Do this Together

I want to test something out. It has the potential to be one of the greatest things we have done or one of the worst.

Let’s plan our New Years Day party together, right here on the blog.

We have several things nailed down already, but we could use some input on some details.

Here is what we have so far:
Place: Genesis Ranch (Dan and Judy’s Place) near Fischer, TX –
Time: 2pm-6pm
Date: January 1
Details: We will all bring food, drinks, and desserts. We will have activities like football, basketball, volleyball, campfire/marshmallows, fireworks, card games, ping pong, billards, disc golf, and ropes course. (sounds like fun doesn’t it)

How do we organize who brings what (food)? How do we promote to the church? What part(s) are we missing?

I will be monitoring the comments and administrating. Keep checking my comments for final directions.



About pastorrobin

Hello. I pastor PromiseLand Church in San Marcos, TX. I am married to Erica, and we have 3 kids: Kennady, Jude, and Avery. All little ones! Visit our church site at www.psmchurch.com

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  1. I have an idea…this is a great opportunity for us to bring friends and family that do not attend our church. Why don’t we promote it as an outreach event?? It is a great way to invite people who maybe wouldn’t come to church. And we could have at least one goup ice breaker activity so we can meet all of the new faces.

  2. The Promisegroups are well positioned to get the word out and provide the food. However, since the event is at Genesis Ranch, maybe Judy Armstrong could be the arbitrator of how much of what kind of foods to bring (sorry Judy but you are better than most of us) I think we also should stress that everyone stay a few minutes to help clean up so the Armstrongs will not have to do this by themselves.

  3. I have an announcement for the bulletin and can add to let us know what they would be bringing. We can always let Judy know if any one contacts the office or we can get a food list started for at the kiosk. Anyone have any other ideas.

  4. good ideas so far. no doubt we need setup and cleanup crews.

  5. one more thing for the kiosk????? 🙂 Jackie???

  6. The kiosk is so centrally located and right by the door. SORRY! I will make up a sign up sheet. Colton will even volunteer to help clean up. HAHA!

  7. do we need a signup sheet for food? are we trying to make sure we have a wide variety of food?
    In other words, are we telling people what to bring or simply having people tell us what they are bringing?

    how did it go for our last party at Pecan PArk Retreat? just trying to remember if we had a sheet or how we told people to bring food.
    I know we had more than enough!

  8. News Alert !!! Iam cold today………….burrr
    Are we to bring meat, and will it or can it be grilled at ranch ?
    Will church be furnishing all paper goods?

    P.S. I got socks on today. No Fan !!!

  9. everything needs to be pre-cooked/prepared before arriving. this reduces the load we are putting on the armstrongs.

  10. Pastor I think for a variety and to be able to keep track we need the sheet. I wouldn’t tell them what to bring but maybe make a suggestion if we have to much of one thing. We (the church) provided the McBee’s BBQ and the desserts were brought by the congregation.


  12. Just put a column on the sign up sheet that says what to bring…

    Name Phone Bring
    side dish

    Then whatever they put their name beside is what they bring. Easy enough.

    If we are going to cater bbq, couldn’t we do Rudy’s??

  13. HEY…it took out my spaces.

  14. I say that we don’t put the church out money on our food. We should bring meat (BBQ, roast, etc) or meat casseroles. Casseroles should be noted as meat or vege casserole so we know how much we have of what.
    People could also sign up to bring papergoods (plates, saucers, bowls, cups, forks, knives, spoons, napkins)

  15. First Off I cant wait!! Sounds Soo exciting!! maybe we could pass out a sheet like you did when saturday servise was getting started, but then again someone would have to read all the sheets and we wouldnt be able to control iwhat wasbrought we could end up with all drinks and chips..Hmmmm…well a sign up sheet is really the only way to go there could be both what we NEED people to bring and what peolpe want to bring. and or suggestions so people would have an idea of what was needed. Plus volunteers to help set up and clean up.

    I think making this a out reach would be a great Idea to invite friends and such forth to a church gathering less intemadating.

  16. I thought I’d jump in here and say that it sounds like you all are going to have a great time. I like the idea Pastor Robin of planning this event on line. Sounds like you’ve got a great support group. Of course, would I expect anything less coming out of Texans? God bless and have a blessed and very merry Christmas!

  17. If a sign up sheet is a big hassle we could announce and put in bulletin that if your last begins with A-J bring meats, K-R bring desserts and S-Z bring veggies. Another suggestion.

  18. These are all great ideas….. My thoughts are this….. I will wait for the final word of what and how and then we will say what were bringing…. we may be a little late that day I have to drop Merina at the airport in S.A. at noon then head to Canyon Lake….. so off the top of my head I think something that doesnt need to stay hot or cold would be great for us…. but then again, you all tell me…. LOL..

  19. Everything was great at the event. the food was just enough. we might need to rearrange that next time. any other thoughts on how to improve?

  20. Everything was great at the event. the food was just enough. we might need to rearrange that next time. any other thoughts on how to improve?

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