Someone offers you…

If someone where to offer you money to sleep all night on a sidewalk…how much money would it take for you to accept?
Location- downtown San Marcos
Weather- cold (winter)
Situation- strangers would be sleeping around you

a.  under $100
b. $100-$300
c. $300-$500
d. $500-$1000
e.  over $1000

There is not “other” on this quiz, sorry.



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  1. I can’t imagine the thought of this, even tho, I have stayed in varied places overnight “outdoors” with my parents (in the past) and with Rob and our children—-sometime with just the moon above, but not downtown anywhere. SO I won’t respond to this since there is no “other”.
    I did miss all the prior days of blogging so I will say that I am very thankful for my 4 children, 6 grandchildren and a wonderful husband. Plus all my “other” family & my church family. Love you all!!! It was great to be in church with you this weekend. Whoever missed church missed great services.

  2. Well, it the event was a fundraiser for the church I would do it for any of the amounts as long as I could bring my good sleeping bag. It would not be so much different from working the fireworks warehouse untold hours on end over the New Years holidays. Otherwise, give me an E.

  3. I’d probably do it for c. UNLESS it’s really stinky then I’d have to go with e.

  4. I am with Mr. Rob. (Except the fireworks comment, I never stayed all that late!)

  5. I must confess that I have stayed out on the streets due to confusion and other whirlwind emotions that surfaced due to separation from my husband and my dad’s death within a week, which occurred a long time ago (about 15yrs ago) and before I met Michael and the Lord. It was my pride not to go to Salvation Army for assistance but then I gave in for my security. If I had paid, I surely would have taken it!

  6. Revised sentence; If I had gotten paid, I surely would have taken it!

  7. Well I would for 1000.00 or more, Why not. I think it would be intersting,to see what goes on during the night,for I know there would be people around to talk to.

    I love watching and talking to people. What cold weather?? I would have my alaska sleeping bag, snacks and a husband in the car Wright in front of me.

  8. I would say E. wrapped up in a warm cover/jacket/pillow. Anyone can use over 1,000 any day.
    Also I would have my wonderful husband watching over me across the street in our car. Teamwork a plus then I might share 5% with him since I did all the hard work.

  9. While thinking about folks waiting outside at Best Buy all night in hopes of a good deal on electronics, I came across this line of thinking. What would it be worth for me to wait all night outside in the cold? I figure you have to determine the value of your time first. Then, determine how much you need the electronic device. If those line up, then get your blankets and go!

    I know several in our church have taken advantage of these deals. Let us know how it went…..

  10. I just don’t understand sleeping on a sidewalk all night to buy some electronic device, tickets to a concert or some movie. Totally absurd. Now if you’re talking sleeping in a tent in 15 below temp. and then the next morning walking through knee deep snow for miles in pursuit of a big buck, that I understand and have done.

  11. and my answer is….


    I figure, the kids are asleep at home with my hubby. No screaming and I can sleep in if I want to. No one to cook breakfast for. I earn cash WHILE sleeping un-interrupted (that is unless a stranger strikes up a conversation….at which point I would become instantly deaf and sign the only signs I know….milk, eat, sit, no, sleep, baby, tree, yes and so on until I got to return to my sleep). Upon waking, I would collect my cash and go to the nearest food dispensing restaurant and eat. Then return home.
    To my wonderful family.

  12. Sister Pastor, you is something else but I love you so.
    Maybe we could share the same cornor and chow down together.
    But Iam not going to be quite. I talkie :}

  13. After reading other responses, I believe we as women need to take the challenge and live in the street for a night. What do you all think? Imagine the testimony.

  14. well lets see, maybe “A” if there me be one chance that i could say a Word of Greatness to a lost soul and start the wheels of salvation for one lonely soul, then i would likely take my goods for the night and be there! God may “need” one to do that for a reason that we may not see or understand – 🙂 …….. i have certainly been in other places and other times that was not safe but i KNOW with God there and the blessings of Jesus I would only be safe. Amen

  15. I’ve heard of youth groups doing this (spending the night with the homeless) as an evegelistic/missions activity. It works well with students. I’m not sure about women.

  16. Okay okay…I’ll admit it! I stayed the night at Best Buy last year….It wasnt so bad …as a matter of fact it was kinda fun!!!I got to meet all kinds of new people and just hang out all night!!!!!And got a great deal on a lap top! Id do it agian…it was just fun

  17. yeah, Angela! Do you mind filling us in on the details of what you bought and how much you saved?

  18. Sure! I bought a sony viao lap top…and saved about $400 and they threw in a netgear wireless router….would I do it again?…..You bet…It was fun!

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