Good Question

Erica brought up a great question the other day.

Is “El Nino” called “The Boy” in Mexico?

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  1. (in case you didn’t know)
    El Nino is a weather pattern that brings drier than normal climate to our area.

  2. Nope, I think it is called El Nino there also because it originates in the waters of the Pacific Ocean off the coast of South America and comes around Christmas time.

  3. Actually it is La Nina that sends us drier conditions.

  4. it was a joke, dad. sorry bad attempt at humor.

  5. I’m no expert in Spanish or weather expert but to my knowledge…both El Nina (the girl) and El Nino (the boy) effect weather patters (one effects the pacific and one the atlantic)

  6. Yeah, you got me with it. Call me Robert. Cbgrace, actually both terms El Nino and La Nina refer to large-scale changes in sea-surface temperature across the eastern tropical Pacific.

  7. Either way I think it is probably called “venganza el madre natural!” hahaha. Man yall are serious today.

  8. I tried to tell Rob it was a joke from the beginning. 🙂 Personally, I think it is time to pray for rain again. No matter what anything is called.

  9. OK, I get the hint. To prove I have humor about the weather: Two weathermen each broke an arm and a leg in an accident, and called from the hospital about the four casts.

  10. Pastor, I think it is about time for you to swoop in and start erasing stuff again. ; )

  11. Oh…that is funny. I was reading the comment as “Spanish” rather than “in Mexico”. That Erica is a hoot. So is it going to be “tell a joke Monday”? Because I have some corny ones.

  12. Way up North where the Wind blows thru the trundra, bringing the fresh smell of moose droppings, and the weather changes before your very nose we know “El Moose k”has arirved in Alaska.
    Well Pastor I say you know how to get the people going.:}

  13. Why is every comment about the weather. oh I get it, it starts with a capital letter, which is a pronoun. But the translation is “The boy”
    Here is Michael’s explanation; of course he is a bowling expert… “there is a new revised “El Nino” back in the market. The ball gives a powerful turbulence that guarantees a strike on every frame”

  14. Casey!!!! YYYYAAAYYY!! Finally someone got it.
    I was asking if in MEXICO they said that the wheather pattern was “The Boy” since they call it “El Nino” here in America.
    Ding ding ding…
    I am not really that dense, just having a good laugh.

  15. Erica,

    This was really funny. I asked Dennis and he says in Mexico they also call the weather patterns El Nina (Nino). 😀

  16. Here’s a Trivial Pursuit question I had one time. What did Chandler on Friends say they call Chinese food in China…food.

  17. Now, we are getting somewhere, Judy. THanks!

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