Visiting Quiz

The thought of going to someone’s home (that I don’t know):

a.  frightens me. I don’t like it.
b. makes me apprehensive.  I am not sure about that unless I am positive about why.
c. No big deal either way.
d. I get excited thinking about going to meet new people and learning new things.
e. other_______________


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  1. B! my personality type is no where close to d.

  2. D!!! I LOVE meeting new people and going to new environments. Each time I meet someone new I wonder why our paths have crossed and if God has something special planned.

  3. Usually c. unless it is something really important like meeting your potential in-laws or something. Wait though…if I am going to stay with people that I don’t know for a few days I do stress a little about how clean the bathroom will be clean and if I will be hungry. But I think about those things any time we go on a trip and stay at a hotel.

  4. elizabeth duecker

    I would have to pick D. I like to meet new people. If they are open to talk, I love to share what the Lord has done in my life. Planting seeds is what it is all about.

  5. D for sure! I always like to meet new people. It is exciting to see how God can work through a new relationship.

  6. joshuasthoughts

    B, even then if I know why I am still very reluctant to go inside. If I do, I am on a mission, in and out. I prefer just to stay at the front door. Away from it actually, five feet is good.

  7. D. I enjoy meeting people and learning and so on. However, I am A, when it comes to having visitor/guest at my home.

  8. I truly depends on where I am going and why I am going. Some places don’t bother me to go to, but others “scare” me. I have to pray and get up the courage.

  9. I know a typo—oooopps. Above it should say, “It truly depends—————“.

  10. What is the point of the quiz?
    We ask people to do this every week with PromiseGroups. How does our natural inclination with going into strangers homes, effect our willingness to try PromiseGroups?
    Cell Group? Home Group? Whatever you want to call it.

  11. my natural inclination is to be left alone and leave others alone. My Holy Ghost inclination tells me to be obedient to the church body I am placed in and always be in attendance when the doors are open for a service, which, in this case, means attending Promise Groups on Wednesday nights instead of church. If I were to be carnally minded, filled with the Holy Ghost and rebellious to His will, I would not go to PG because I would place my fleshly desires above His kingdom’s requirements.

    The bottom line is that any Wednesday night routine outside of the home is awkward with children, jobs, homes; worldly concerns. Only God can change the level of importance we place on obedience to Him that will eclipse everything we do and every decision we make.

  12. Pastor Robin, Great way to get us to look at things through the eyes of others. It would be great to make a push in our neighborhoods to meet our neighbors and invite them PromiseGroups. That may be a little out of our comfort zones as well. The very least we can do (those of us involved in PromiseGroups) is help others at the church get plugged in. One of the best ways to do that is to personally invite them to your PromiseGroup. Someone whose natural inclination is discomfort when it comes to just “showing up” at someone’s home (PromiseGroup) may attend if they are personally invited and feel they “know” someone. **If you do invite someone to PromiseGroup, be sure that you SHOW UP! 😀

    When I was in highschool, we started attending the church formerly known as World of Pentecost. My sister and I were blessed that we already knew three girls who went to church there (The Sikes Sisters) plus we are pretty outgoing. We started attending Sunday School. Pastor Randy was our youth pastor and he encouraged (perhaps even shamed us) to meet visitors. So one Sunday, I went up and met a girl Carrie. I thought she was new. She had attended that church her whole life. I invited her to Sunday School and she sat with me. After a few Sundays, she started attending most of the youth functions. Carrie and I became very good friends a few years later. We lived together for a while. We traveled together (we took one really great vacation to San Diego). She even came to visit me when I lived in Mobile, Alabama. She was one of my best friends. She died two years ago this month. You just never know who might be waiting to be invited. It may be your new best friend.

  13. I ‘ll go for a “C” because it all depends on why I ‘m going.

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