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Remember the message on “Wake up, Speak up, Stand up”?  Today, is your day, Texans.  We vote on 16 important propositions.

When I arrived at the poll this morning, I thought I was at the wrong place.  There was one car there.  It was the old lady running the poll.  There are issues like cancer research, property values, and my favorite:

Proposition 10: “The constitutional amendment to abolish the constitutional authority for the office of inspector of hides and animals.”



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  1. Oh well, I guess my ambition to be a hide inspector is all over as all these city folks will vote for this one. Seriously, we all need to vote today as our votes will count more this election since many will not go to the effort. If you want to check out the issues, go to the following site: http://www.tlc.state.tx.us/pubsconamend/analyses07/analyses07.pdf

  2. I was trying not to respond to this, however I can’t help myself.
    If you have ever gone to the water faucet and turned it on and not had any water come out, you know what I am speaking of. You never realize how needed something is, till it is not there. Due to the stint (s) of my youth, I lost my right to vote amongst others.
    Paul speaks of a body, and nothing is going to be accomplished if only our toe shows up at the pole. (not calling you the toe, Pastor). In this body, there are going to be certain extremities that can do nothing. I am one. However there are many others, who can, yet for lack of convenience, or feeling it will accomplish nothing, do not. I challenge you to do as our forefathers and pay attention to these issues, as well as the greater ones. They felt it necessary to die for many of them.
    We have not, because we ask not

  3. Joshua, Have your listened much to Chuck Colson (www.breakpoint.org)? He found salvation in prison. He started a little ministry called Prison Fellowship Ministries and BreakPoint. He was on Focus on the Family yesterday talking about our role in government.

    Has anyone been listening to what Dr. Dobson has to say about this upcoming election?

    I would also like to say this…voting is important without a doubt but our prayers are far more powerful than our vote. Right now, there is not one canidate who has come forward to run in the Presidental Primaries that is worthy of the Christian vote. As Christians, we had better start praying that God’s will would be done in regards to our next president and that He would raise up the man or woman (not trying to start a controversy here, please do not write me any nasty letters about women being president) who will lead our country with morals and dignity and someone who would continue to support Israel. This is a BIG deal.

    When the issue arose with Bush and Gore being tied, Bishop Tudor Bismark happen to be visiting the Promiseland. He said something to the effect that he was shocked at our lack of prayer on the issue. He said that intercessors in Africa were praying more for George Bush than America was. They felt the spiritual weight of the office of President. We take it for granted. This time around, let’s be the watchmen on the walls of our country.

  4. I did it! And…to cheer my poor husband up, there was one person ahead of me and one person voting and two more arrived while I was waiting.
    There is no way to describe our poor little election place. It is the side of a church in their “thrift” store. While I was voting the boys sat in a vinyl green recliner and ate cookies.

  5. did I mention that the person in front of me was my father in law!?? This was not a planned event. The boys started hitting him from behind and he final turned around. He said he was wondering what lady was letting her kids hit other people before he turned around.

  6. one more thing. It took me 20 minutes round trip!! Go Vote

  7. wow, what an afternoon. for those of you that don’t check the blog often, you missed some action. i think i deleted about 5 comments today. ever once in a while, I play sheriff.

  8. joshuasthoughts

    Zorro, Sherrif, swoops in from no where, Bamn! Pow! Smash! Your deleted….ha.

  9. I did my part…my voting location even changed and I took the time to find the new location…2 blocks down the road. Now I can proudly wear my “I voted today” sticker.

  10. I asked the old ladies for a sticker and they said because of budget cuts they had to eliminate the sticker! I was ticked.

  11. In San Marcos city council election, PLACE 2 was decided by 3 votes! might have a runoff. not sure about that.

  12. I feel really guilty today. I was out of town yesterday so I did not get to vote. Next time I’ll watch my calendar more closely and go to early voting.

  13. Want to get involved in a worth-while prison ministry? Go to a special meeting:
    November 17, 2007

    Christian Life Church
    4700 Westgate Blvd. http://www.christianlifeaustin.com
    Austin, Texas 78745 512-892-4200

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