A Special Lady

Another one of our special ladies at PromiseLand is Yvonne Quintero.  Or”Bonnie” to those how are ‘in’.  She has been with us from night 1 on Centre Street @ Jackson Chapel.  Now she and her husband, Pete, lead a great PromiseGroup.

Let me show you how she displays her specialness… Every year, she brings a ton of guests during our annual guest contest, and every year she wins a great prize (2nd, 1st, 3rd place, whatever).  Anyway, this year she came in 2nd place and earned a $100 gift certificate.  The only thing is that we never gave her the certificate.  We forgot.  We make mistakes.  But she has never complained or got bitter about the situation.

She continues to serve, work hard, love God and people.  She has made the choice to be better and not bitter.  She is one of the most kind and giving ladies I know.  But, I also think she could beat me up if she wanted to.  Please don’t!

So, Bonnie, you have $100 coming your way!


(pic is old. sorry about that)


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Hello. I pastor PromiseLand Church in San Marcos, TX. I am married to Erica, and we have 3 kids: Kennady, Jude, and Avery. All little ones! Visit our church site at www.psmchurch.com

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  1. I will start the band wagon here. This couple is amazing, anyone who is in the 78666 zip will tell you the same.

  2. I love this couple!! They ALWAYS have a smile and a warm greeting for everyone, and NO Pete really did not pay me to say that….

  3. I love this couple because they are true listeners of God. No matter what they give until they can’t give anymore and then from somewhere they find more! 🙂 Promiseland wouldn’t be the same without them! And they treat my kids like they were their own and that just means more to me than any words can say! LOVE YOU GUYS and GOD BLESS you for so many years to come!

  4. I first met Bonnie and Pete in the very first Promise Group I attended. Pete tormented me the whole time but Bonnie always has a warm smile and hug for everyone. You are both special to me.

  5. ybonnie. I love you and your sweet spirit. Thank you for being a glowing example of God’s love.
    Pete, I think we will keep you around too. You are a pretty great guy.

  6. Elizabeth Duecker

    I don’t know Pete very well, but Bonnie is a bright light in our church. It is always wonderful to get one of her big hugs. God’s light is shining in their lives

  7. The monent I met Bonnie was at the Murry`s house at the first promise group I attended. I want in and sat right down beside her and wham..I knew I had found a buddie. Sisters we became. Two peas in a pod with so many same things that we shared in our lifes. I love you Bonnie Yvonne, And Pete you the brother I never knew I had. ++++ The four of us have shared some good times and a meal or two. So glad you are in my life. Pete I pray gives you his gift. Love Wynnel

  8. bonnie is so cool…..she is so steady….she is loving……kind and welcoming….i hope that i can be more like her

  9. Wow, Yvonne, you have some fans and I agree with everyone of them. I really think you should insist on interest on that $100!

  10. bonnie-love your smile. love your hugs. you make my sundays brighter!

  11. I’ve been away from the computer once again so I’m responding late.
    I love you very much, Bonnie!! You do have a most wonderful smile. Your sweet spirit radiates through it! May God’s blessing flow to you richly!! And share a few of them with Pete. 🙂 I’m sorry to say that I have not shared PromiseGroup with you, but we do need to get together.


  13. Yes, Bonnie is an awesome lady, friend, and sister-in-law. She is an awesome cook and does not judge me for not cooking for her brother often. She was the first sisier-in-law I met and bonded with over 12 years ago. God Bless you, Bonnie. LOL Vera

  14. i am sorry i read this late,but one of the first people i met that really stood out to me was yvonne,she is an encourger by nature i am blessed to serve with her

  15. Sandy Bannister

    This is really late because I have been out of town. I just want everyone to know how I feel about my “sister” Bonnie. She is an awesome example of a real Christian who lives and demonstrates love as God would have us all do. I appreciate her so much for the wonderful friend that she has been to me in this last difficult year. I love you Bonnie-you’re pretty good too Pete! Sandy

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