It is Harvest Time

cottonCheck out this size of harvest.  Usually, cotton around San Marcos, TX is waist high.  This is an unsual year of blessing.  Thank God.  Seek God.  Reap the harvest in your daily life.


ps. try not to admire my legs. thanks


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Hello. I pastor PromiseLand Church in San Marcos, TX. I am married to Erica, and we have 3 kids: Kennady, Jude, and Avery. All little ones! Visit our church site at

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  1. God’s blessings have been exceptional this year both natural and spiritual. Last year we baled only 7 round bales of hay from a 25 acre field. This year the same field yielded 130 bales off the first cutting and over a thousand small square bales from the second cutting. From what I have seen and felt, the spiritual harvest is every bit as plentiful as the natural. By the way, your legs match the cotton so well it is hard to see them. It must be hereditary.

  2. those are as white as mine….the legs….i don’t have any cotton….

  3. Hey Guys, I think my dad will beat all of y’all in white leg contest. He doesn’t have any cotton but he is familiar with cotten having grown up on a farm in South Texas.

  4. Do I need to post a picture?

  5. I was admiring the cotton til I read the last sentence then I started laughting, Pastor you so funny and ………..the village Iam from we would call you “WHITE LEGS”
    That sure is some high cotton ,but in Alaska the cotton growns in our trees.
    in june no lie.

  6. Wynnel, who ever heard of cotton in Alaska??? In June???? We need pictures. Speaking of cotton in Texas, you should hear my mother talk about picking/pulling cotton. She did so many times, and that is how she paid for her wedding dress. Those were the days that I would not want to go to.

  7. Kathy, my Mam-maw used to tell us stories about picking cotton. They lived in Santa Anna, Texas (out west, not very far from where Jenny and John live now). She would always tell me to take care of my hands…she said she messed hers up picking cotton and milkin’ cows. Picking cotton in the west Texas heat does not sound like a fun.

  8. Kathy, they are called cotton wood trees, they are 20 to 30 feet high and every june they just snow cotton and it hangs like them ole trees in Lousiana. And they will drive you alergies wild. Next year I will have someone take pictures of them and show all who want. And this is the gospel truth ,” honest indian.”

  9. OH yes my mother who has good hours and bad. Last week I took her for a drive and we passed them ole cotton fields and she said: thats cotton i use to pick cotton years ago in west Texas. I remember going as a wee child and there was this water melon patch across the street,. Ever broked one and ate the heart right out of it? right there in the water melon patch. Mercy!!! good eating .

  10. Last night it dawned on me that you were probably talking about cottonwood trees, Wynnel. We have them in Texas, also. I never dreamed they would be in Alaska. Gotta go there one of these days.
    And cbgrace, :), Santa Anna is not very far from where I grew up.

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