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What is the difference between imagination and faith?

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  1. I always write too much. However with questions poised like this, how can I not?
    An imagination in my opinion is a stimulation of thought, forming a tangible idea to something that is not present.
    Faith, on the other hand, is a reliance or trust in something that is present, however not always seen. A trust.
    I believe the two should walk hand in hand in our mind. We are creatures of imagination, without it, we are creatively dead. This death is in direct controversy with our creative Father. Whose image we are CREATED in.
    Romans 10:17 states “So then faith [cometh] by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.” For us to have and exercise Faith, we must first have a dependence, on that which we believe to be absolute and tangible. The Word of God

  2. I will try and describe this the best way that I know how!
    Having faith is believing with your whole heart, mind and soul in something, or someone. You don’t need proof. It is a feeling that you have and you know it’s right with every part of you.
    Imagination is something that you create in your own mind. It is something that you make up and doesn’t hold true.

  3. FAITH – I know it’s there/true even if I can only see it with my heart and mind.
    IMAGINATION – I know it’s not there/ture because I only see it with my heart and mind.

  4. Imagination is only a “mental” image.. fantasizing…only a thought.
    Faith begins where the will of God IS known. You have to establish the will of God,concerning your circumstances, through scripture, so that confident faith can be exercised.
    “So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God”-Romans 10:17
    It is impossible to claim something, if you’re not even sure if it is something that God offers. The blessings of God are claimed, where the will of God is known, trusted, and acted upon. When your Faith is truly in GOD, you trust that in His time, He will fulfill whatever it is that He has said or promised.

  5. Wow, I get busy today and ya’ll have it nailed before I can jump in. However, I would like to pose a further question: Isn’t imagination is a prerequisite to faith?

  6. I concur Mr. Rob. I believe that this is why God gave it to us. To take it one further,
    (i know we just learned about not going spiritual, but I cant help myself) this gift, of imagination has been taken and twisted. The Devil has taken and put his spin on it, he has pereverted it. By doing so, imagination is now embellished as a pleasantry, or beat down in ones soul so deep that it barely whimpers for exsistance. So when the time comes for birth through imagination ones proneness to faith is non exsistant.
    It is time for us to take it back! To be effectual, as a Christians, we can not commence without it.


  8. WOW!!!!!!! This is such great reading!!!! Thanks all for jumping in. Keep up the good work and the FAITH!!!

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