Tell us about your PromiseGroup…

a.  I like my PromiseGroup because….
b. My PromiseGroup leader is….
c.  People in my PromiseGroup….
d.  My PromiseGroup could be better if…
e.  I don’t go to PromiseGroup because…

Multiple choice.  Pick one and give us an answer.



About pastorrobin

Hello. I pastor PromiseLand Church in San Marcos, TX. I am married to Erica, and we have 3 kids: Kennady, Jude, and Avery. All little ones! Visit our church site at

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  1. A—– Because I have seen such a growth in each of them. There is a hungry for learning. And they are all good people who care about each other.
    One thing I love is their freedom to speak.
    And ….cause they love me!!!:}

  2. A: That would encompass as well (c), the bountifulness of personality we have is what I believe equips us to be a effective ministry for Christ. Come young, or old, no matter your background, or present placement in life you are sure to add to the spiritual cornucopia.

  3. That is hunger…..she saids.! Ok already…… I get one little word wrong…Lol
    I love you all

  4. E. We don’t go to PromiseGroup because we now live in San Antonio. But when we did Jackie was our Leader and she was great to encourage everyone to share and sincerely take interest in how she could help. Thanks Jackie!

  5. PSM bloggers! Wake up, this is a prime oppritunity to voice what we all know. What is it about Promise Group that makes you keep coming back? Mrs. Melanie does not even attend one any longer, due to the distance, yet even she has taken the time to speak of what it was and is to her.

  6. Melanie. thanks so much to you and Robert for the wonderful thoughts. We miss you both and hope things are going wonderful in San Antonio. There is a new group that has started in New Braunfels so if you want that information email me and I will be happy to get it to you.
    A… Our group has worked hard in the past to be able to open up and let us know what is going on. The majority is family and it is hard for them but we love each other and like a family we are able to be open minded and let GOD lead the way.

  7. I love our Promise Group. We are all like family. I look forward to Wednesday nights when I get to see my group. Usually on Sundays (Saturdays) we sit together. We are just drawn to each other, it isn’t even planned. The people are so giving, they are always interested in how they can help others. They are striving to be closer to God and learn more. I love that they have a sense of humor, we can be ourselves with them and they have fun with us. My Promise Group leader is a pretty cool guy. 🙂

  8. Tabitha. It sounds like you and the PromiseGroup leader may have something “going on”.

  9. Sorry Joshua, I have been weighed down with the cares of this life and have not even read the blog in awhile. For me, Promisegroup is an opportunity that has always been lacking in my life to develop true friendships with fellow church members. We go so much deeper than the smile and handshake on Sunday that people usually get. It’s that sense of community that small town USA used to experience, when folks used to go to their neighbors house and sit on the porch swing discussing all the things that were important. We just ask God to join in the discussion.

  10. I like my PromiseGroup because….I like getting to know people in a closer way and being able to pray for their needs.Learning about their families etc.
    b. My PromiseGroup leaders are….Rob and Kathy Steele.
    c. People in my PromiseGroup….are very open and easy to talk to and share my life with in a comfortable way. I know I can trust them.
    d. My PromiseGroup could be better if…it were closer to my house. But no big deal!

    I enjoy my Promise Group.

  11. B…my promise group leader is jackie.yay.she is a good group leader,she always encourages the whole group or individually thru tuff times.we are like family,wait a minute,most of them are my family.thanx jackie for all your support.

  12. Tab, the PG Interns are pretty cool too. I know for a fact they (the Interns) are giving it 110% to be as awesome as you and Brother Will, very BIG shoes to fill. My answer to the blog question is I love my PG group. We are like a family, and we all will do whatever is needed to help not only our group but our church family. While I have the space to type here, I also want to say that Karen, AJ, Merina and I love Pastor Robin and Pastor Erica!!!!!! You two ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. I LOVE my promisegroup because we are family. Chad and I don’t have much fam here and it is so great knowing we get to hang out with everyone each week. When we first started coming to Promiseland, it made it so easy to feel more at home when we were getting to know everyone on Wednesdays as well. Will and Tabitha Krauss are our promisegroup leaders. Have you heard of them? Not everyone knows who they are but I’m hoping I will promote their popularity by telling you how great they are. They didn’t even pay me this time. 🙂 ~Mel

  14. I lOVE my Promisegroup because it’s very personable, and intimate.
    whatever you share is confidential.
    The things that pepole say in promise group.
    I’ve had an opportunity to be apart of three groups


  15. We love our promiseGroup leader Jacob Lowery.He just has such a gift at keeping the group fun,but at the same time challenging us, but making us feel relaxed, and loved at the same time.We always come away with nuggets of truth to think on during the week.Thankyou Jacob and Lori for being two amazing people.

  16. a. I love my promisegroup because it has been a great place to meet some awesome people. I have traveled alot and attended several churches, led small groups, attended small groups, etc. This small group has been so fun! One night we were laughing and laughing (NOT over the material!) and I felt the joy of the Lord so strongly. This small group has been a place of safety and healing for me.
    b. My leaders are Judy and Mark Dean and Mike and Michelle – Judy and Mark, thanks for inviting us!
    c. I have had a chance to get to know some of the people in my promisegroup and they are incredible! Did I say we have the funnest group (we have Ann and Mike in one group).
    d. My promisegroup would only be better if my husband could attend with me (he works the late shift at his job).

  17. Hey, Casey, they don’t know me as funny. They think of me as serious and dowagery ( now, honestly, is that a word, and, if it is, is it an adjective?)

  18. I know you all think our group is a bunch of “ole” fuddy-duddies because we aren’t all young—some are “younger”. Anyway, you need to come visit us sometime and see what fun really is! We have a blast, BUT we also have serious times of real worship, helping and healing. This week God moved in so sweetly in our closing prayers. My husband is our leader and he is really good
    Our group is getting better and better because we just keep getting new couples.

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