My Favorite Thing

Several days ago we blogged about some of our favorite things.  Natural activities that are fun, enjoyable, and exhilerating.

However, my favorite thing of this world is Spiritual Prayer.  When I talk to God in a language that I do not understand with my mind, but my spirit cries, “YES, I understand.”  Speaking in tongues is clearly described in the New Testament books of Acts and Corinthians.  These prayer sessions refresh my spirit and body.  I long for the moments where worship and everyday life join.

One of my favorite moments of worship is NOT at church, but in my house while doing laundry.  Yes, I do laundry sometimes.  This time of prayer is so special because I don’t want anything FROM God.  I just want to sing worship songs TO Him.  When I whisper these melodies from a tender heart, a thunder begins to roll in my inner most being.

God’s river begins to fill the atmosphere with peace, love, joy, gentleness, kindness.  My english is translated into a language that I have never learned yet speak fluently.  No matter what status my life, bank account, or relationships are in, I am at peace.  God is in control.

Come with us into this heavenly realm.  Begin to sing, ask God to fill you with His presence.  Then when He visits you, let Him in.  Release your control and let God return you to His secret place. The original Garden of Eden.



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Hello. I pastor PromiseLand Church in San Marcos, TX. I am married to Erica, and we have 3 kids: Kennady, Jude, and Avery. All little ones! Visit our church site at

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  1. As I was reading the blog, I started smiling, Thanking God for my Pastor ,for the word put forth…… I thank you God for taking me to that secret place.
    And i too sing as I do my laundry.

  2. I guess I’m going to have to try singing when I do my laundry. Maybe, it will help because that is the one chore that I HATE the most. haha

  3. Yes, Pastor I as usual have to agree with you concerning this. maybe not during laundry, but on other occasions as well.
    This too, is a special subject for me. You see, for months, I know I had received Gods Sprit, and I earnestly seeked to have this type of prayer, precede me. But it did not happen. I had great prayer times, and worship, but this I did not. Some told me, that speaking in these tongues, was evidence of the spirit, others told me, that it would come. I even read a book about it! Yet, to no avail, it did not come. So I continued to stand on the promise of God. I continued to believe and ask for the spiritual Gifts He mentions in His word. Not only so I could have true authentic prayer, and speak His Spirit’s word, but also as Paul mentioned, for the edification of my spirit as well. God, in His do time, bestowed this gift on me, and now it is something I cherrish and seek daily. Without it, I feel not complete.
    I say all this for the ones, who are reading this with raised brow, who have not experienced this as of yet. Do not think, that this is something that is just going to happen. It very well may, but I can attest, that if it does not, do not be discouraged, but keep seeking His promise. God is a God, of new beginnings, new births. As with a child, sometimes, things have to take place for him to begin to talk. Allow the Holy Spirit to help you. He will. One day you will speak forth, and know not what you say. In that moment, you will feel a feeling, a feeling of connection. Connection with the One who has set this entire world in motion. At that very point, there is one thing more to do. That my friend, is to press on.

  4. Joshua, you have the PREACH on you. At this point, there is one thing more to do. That my friend, it to preach on!

  5. Brother Josh, you must have been borned with a “SILVER” Word in your mouth.
    Blessings to you.

  6. This is such an exciting day for me, Joshua. I had no idea. I knew of your desire but not of your “receiving”. Thank the good Lord, for there is nothing better!!!!
    To be in total communication with God is the best!
    Brother, you need to share things more often. 🙂

  7. Well, I can sing with the words in front of me because I can not recall lyrics, I have always have had this problem. Instead, I pray while doing chores or anything else that is outside my element. On the other side, Michael is always singing, praising, worshipping God with melody; I wish you can see him singing and dancing while cutting the grass, it is beautiful!

  8. what beautiful words josh I to agree with you waiting for that special day I will be able to speak in tongues. I can not carry a tune but I also sing during chores family doesnit like my singing O’well I sing to my Lord .

  9. I read this blog and in the middle of it thought … wow God has really blessed Pastor with incredible words and knowledge of how to use them all. Your blog was like reading a part of a motivational book! Have you ever thought of writing one? I think you had mentioned it? Anyway … then I read the comment from Josh … Wow! You encourage and inspire me! I have forgotten to keep praying for that moment. I guess I just moved on without it but THANKS for reminding me and moving me to press on. Maybe the two of you should get together and write something or deliver a message. Thank you God for sending these men to write in this blog.

  10. we just heard from Felipe Hernandez’ PromiseGroup. 3 people were filled with the Spirit during PromiseGroup last night!

  11. Lord, let it happen at Placid Farm PromiseGroup!!!

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