My Church History

I have been a regular attender of:
a.  PromiseLand San Marcos is the only one.
b.  2 churches
c.  3 churches
d. 4-6 churches
e. 7 or more churches


About pastorrobin

Hello. I pastor PromiseLand Church in San Marcos, TX. I am married to Erica, and we have 3 kids: Kennady, Jude, and Avery. All little ones! Visit our church site at

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  1. I am a C. PromiseLand Austin, Mt Zion Tabernacle (NM), and PSM!

  2. I am a C.
    I am a C-H, I am a C-H-R..oh wrong thing sorry.
    Westgate Apostolic (when I was really young), Victorious Life Church, and now PSM.

  3. joshuasthoughts

    D. However not me, ahaha. The childhood me….. I, am a B! That is what I will agree with.

  4. E for me, mostly related to geographical moves. Grew up in PA, attended a different church when I went to college (because of distance), then pastored in NJ, then moved to Dallas, then moved to Austin, then to Boone, NC…….

  5. I am a “d”. Growing up—-a very small country church in Placid, TX, & a little bigger church in Brady, TX. Rob & I married and went to PromiseLand Church Austin for 31+ years, and then we came to wonderful PromiseLand San Marcos.

  6. Pastor Rudy Rodriguez

    I am a c. I attended Church on the Rock, then pastored at Freedom church, and now praise the Lord we are here at promiseland

  7. D- At a early age Apostic in Fort Worth, UPC churches in Fairbanks,Alaska ,Brady Texas,and Napa Ca. Back to Alaska at NorthPole worship center in North Pole then I moved to Texas in 2003 and found a home at PROMISELAND San Marcos

  8. I’m a d. I attended Promiseland Central through childhood even when it was the little Pentecostal Church on Ave. D in Austin. I remember when we built the Church on 51st St. We spent a year in Bryan and attended the United Pentecostal Church there. The summer after second grade we lived in Glen Rose, Texas and attended a small church there. Now, God has brought me to PromiseLand San Marcos. Oops, did I show my age?

  9. I must be an E or somewhere past that if I count my entire life. we moved a bunch when I was a child, but we did always attend a church faithfully. As an adult I get to claim a B. I won’t go into the years after I left home and before I married Kathy because God was not in that equation, at least not that I was aware of.

  10. Let’s see…..First Assembly Pecos, Pampa, and then San Marcos. Hmmmm FOSM and now Promiseland. Visiting them doesnt count it took lots of looking to choose after being outta church for around 12 years! We are happy NOW and don’t plan on any changes! 🙂 So guess that makes me a D kinda girl!

  11. d – Bellemead UMC, Heights UMC, Fifth Avenue Baptist, Stepping Stone Ministries, Maranatha Fellowship, and now PSM! Whew! I am tired just thinking about it.

  12. Well you was looking for the “”E”” There was always a move from city to city. I have been a Baptist before San Marcos, there was Living Water, CCC, Alpha & Omega, Trinity, Hill Country and Promiseland. I am satisfied with Promiseland it is a big enough Church to offer the things I need without being too big, to recognize me when I am there. I still have some back problems, that is keeping me out of Church right now. When I joined Promiseland Church, I knew that satan was going to interfer because I knew this was Gods choice and satan really hates to see me happy in Praising God therefore he has sent everything my way.

  13. Hi Larry, Have been thinking about you two. Praying you are well soon and back at church. You`s are missed. God Bless

  14. Maybe a D…I grew up on the South Side and attended Westgate Apostolic church, then my dad moved us to the church formerly known as World of Pentecost (the Promiseland). When I moved to Alabama, and found out finding a healthy church is crazy hard. I attended an Assembly of God church, a Baptist church (I was a member there for 2 years) then I moved about 45 minutes from that church so I started attending a church called Harvest was an independent church… Good Grief!! There are some things we should be so thankful for in a good church. Leaders who put thier congregation before thier own abitions, Spirit-filled worship (Spirit-filled worship changes you), and people who are willing to reach out beyond themselves. There are tons of churches out there who are just churches, not families. If you are looking for a church, do not just look for talent, charisma and programs…look for the family of God.

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