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Kachina PeakWhile we are here on the earth and not enjoying heaven, you might as well have some favorite things. Things that you take pleasure in and things that make you happy.

Home-made ice-cream (the old recipe), Murrell Ewing on my ipod, laughing with Erica, driving home after church on Sunday all by myself with the radio off, kissing my kids, a cell phone that does everything, a suit with no tie, sunset on a lake with fishing pole in my hand (did that on sunday), watching a NFL game in the snow, skiing in knee-deep powder down a double black diamond, hanging out with the men of promiseland.

How about you?


no offense ladies. i like you too. the pic is Kachina Peak. I skied it a couple of times.


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Hello. I pastor PromiseLand Church in San Marcos, TX. I am married to Erica, and we have 3 kids: Kennady, Jude, and Avery. All little ones! Visit our church site at

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  1. joshuasthoughts

    God has blessed us with so much in this country, we have so many freedoms, so much we are able to enjoy and take personal pleasure in. I often think I could not live without the sight of my dears Michelle’s face and her touch. I love to just stare at her. I could do it for hours,(she hates it), or my son, reaching up for me to hold him, or walking on a long hike, just holding his hand talking, or working in the garage, again, with him just talking away, or kissing his sweet cheek. (I am going to cry if I keep exploring this avenue). The torque of a car or bike as it launches, then the tunnel vision as you pass up that 120 mph mark, shortly followed by the rush of adrenaline pouring through your body, only on a track of course : ) The high rpm roar of a chainsaw, as it gobbles up a tree……Ahhhhh so many things. I could just go on and on……I am blessed.

  2. Ok, you guys, is this a describing contest? How about sitting out in the woods as the sun comes up over the hills on a crisp fall day and being afraid to breath because a bunch of does are standing on their hind legs boxing each other for dominance? Sometimes they are so close you can see the steam rising off their hair in the cold air. But all the action stops when a buck comes dashing up to check out the activities. He is king of the world and heaven help the small buck that dares to even stand still and not cower. There is just nothing like God’s creation.

  3. Very best is hearing my boys Henry,Joey & Gabriel just laughing at the same show,When we all have a picture perfect day Whenthings are not going well I just feel our Lord Hug me and cradle me Like A Baby that feeling is the best thing in the World!!!!!WE ARE VERY BLESSED

  4. I am so blessed that everything and everyday is so special. I am not hiker, skier, athlete, hunter…etc. I am really not a boring person! But I enjoy being outside with my dogs especially in the early hours to see the wonders of Lord when I see the dark sky. and hear the morning sounds of God. I love God, life and my dogs.

  5. I love it when my grandchiildren give me one of those special looks——even when I’m a little crazy with them they still think Grana is neat. You know, just like years ago–before my kids started getting embarassed with mom. 🙂 I love going on trips to the mountains in the summer & in the snow with Rob (years ago the kids went along)and seeing God’s mighty handiworks there. It is so breathtaking! Around every corner of the mountain, there is something new to see. I love having a good laugh with Rob. Laughter is good for the soul!! These are a few of my favorite things.

  6. Favorite things… Watching my little girls sleep. Watching my beautiful wife up on stage singing for Jesus. I love fishing with awesome men of God. I love the fight of a big fish pulling line on my Abu Garcia 6500. Did I mention that I love fishing? I love the feeling at the end of a good day’s work. I love my promise group. Watching the sun go down with my family. Homemade peach cobbler and bannana pudding. I love technology (wow this could be a song). I love watching Ginobili do a crossover, split three defenders and slam a basketball. I love being a father and a husband.

  7. I love kisses from my girls, their skin after a bath,when they laugh uncontrollably. I love cuddling with Will and reading books or watching a movie. When my mom and I laugh the same way at the exact same moment. The smell of sun tan lotion .(reminds me of my dad) The SPURS. Sharing a chocolate dessert with my friends. Watching someone receive the Holy Ghost. The feeling after having a good prayer meeting with someone. I absolutely love music, and they memories and feelings that come with each song. I appreciate honest friends. The safety and comfort I feel at the end of the day when I am home with my family. I feel like I could go on and on.

  8. I love kisses from my grandbabies. I love that even though my husband does not like to travel, he gives me that freedom without making me feel guilty for leaving him at home. I love hearing him laugh at his own jokes. I love hearing him pray in the mornings. I love the smell of oatmeal and cinnamon toast in the morning. I love getting a bear hug from my daddy. I love when my kids get together and remember special times growing up and laughing with each other. I love that my kids have finally reached the age that they realize they need my advice and that maybe I’m not so “out of it” after all (haha). I love hearing Ashlie sing to her boys. I loved coming home from Florida and having Little Thomas and J.J. jumping up and down in the driveway yelling “nana’s home, nana’s home!”. I get a real kick out of watching the grandbabies play their pretend or real instruments, singing and dancing to their own made-up songs or Sunday School songs. I love when one or all of the grandkids get tickled and laugh with their whole body. I love my Bible Troop kids and seeing the look on their faces when they realize that they have remembered one of our scriptures or memorized the entire books of the Old Testament without even knowing it. I could go on and on, too but I think what I love most of all is walking into the Presence of my God and feeling the goosebumps on my arms and the hair on the back of my neck stand up. We are all so blessed!

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  10. I love the smell of freash cut grass, the way it feels to wear a pair of brand new socks, hearing Trey yell amen before we finish praying,the smell of sunscreen (smells like summer) listning to my husband sing (way off tune) when he has his ipod cranked up and he thinks he sounds just like whoever he is listning to,My moms goofy laugh and mischevious smile,the smell of pancakes in the morning…I could go on and on

  11. This past weekend I had one of the moments described here. My nephew Sam just turned 2. When he prays before a meal he always says, “Thank you for a fun time”. We aren’t sure where he picked that up, but it is so precious. He usually doesn’t say anything about the food but he blesses everyone. That’s a memory worth holding on to.

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