Tour de what?

Isn’t it funny how none of you know that the Tour de France is going on right now? Yet, 3 or 4 years ago it was stuffed down our throat about how important it was. It was exciting to watch Lance beat the French and overcome huge obstacles of cancer. But, do you realize it was his story you were rooting for, not the sport? See we men are in to soap operas, they just come in the form of sporting events, not sitcoms.  The biggest news in sports right now is an allegation of dog fighting, not the Falcon’s playbook.

I guess you notice how when you watch the Olympics, there is always a 10min video montage of the athelete’s struggle through life. Then you watch the actual event. This is to hook you into the person’s story. You could really care less about cross-country skiing, right?



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  1. Anne Griffith

    When I read this I remembered back to a time when I worked with adolescent girls at an inhouse rehab for alcohol and drug abuse. Most of the girls, 90%, were court-ordered to the facility so, as you can imagine, they were very non-compliant. What I discovered was that once you stripped away all the drugs, alcohol, boys, sex, entertainment of any kind, the girls still tried to create a level of drama that fed their need for chaos and disorder. There is drama that is unhealthy and then there is healthy drama, like a life more abundantly lived through Jesus were fruit of the Spirit is growing and gifts are being used for His kingdom. Like the testimony wall.

  2. Gwynda Miranda

    Hmmm….the power of our testimony!!!!

  3. Actually, I could care less about all organized sports, and I really don’t care what the mass media has to say about it either. Now the story behind the story about overcoming great obstacles and situations, I agree has interest, but what a waste of effort. Only what is accomplished for God will last.

  4. joshuasthoughts

    I am with you there Rob, enough said.

  5. AMEN BRO ROB! 🙂 We went to the Mark Schultz concert last night and it was amazing! And ya know all the other concerts we have been to and all the songs we here on radio, church, etc. are amazing too but Mark put a story to most of the songs he did and why they were made. It really gave a touch and a blessing to the songs that made me enjoy them that much more! It really is great what God does in everyday ppls lives!

  6. We were at the Mark Schultz concert as well. You are 100% right, there was a story behind every song. The concert was awesome by the way for all who couldn’t attend it.
    Brother Rob… as usual, you hit the nail on the head!!!!!!!!!!

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