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so….someday will we all long to sing the songs that we currently sing at church because they are the “good old songs” ????…… I’ve heard people say about the old hymns “those songs are just so good”, or “they make me cry”….. is it because they are better songs, or is it just nostalgia? I love coffee. Not just the taste, but the whole thing surrounding it. The warm cup—the smells of my dad getting up early in the morning—memories of never ending road trips with my family—-it is such a nostalgic moment every time i have coffee. That may be the way it is with the old songs, too….. Now i haven’t done any studies, but its all starting to make sense. Our songs will someday be boring to the “young” folks, but we’ll have memories of great moments with God while singing these songs. KEEP IN MIND that God always wants us to find new ways to worship him… phrases, new instruments, new chords—– I pray that He will allow me to flow with the change that is coming…..I personally don’t want to hear another song that says “holy, holy, holy is the lord God almighty”…… we’ve established that and the angels have been singing that one for a while…. ok—-



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  1. Maybe Ive always been a YOUNG soul, I for one was never in touch, are really had a favorite piece of music from yesteryears, But have to admit when I hear some of them it brings back memories of days past. Church with my grandparents in Weatherford,or with my mother in Placid. Jacob you do Flowwwwww. Bring it on. Cant wait til you and Pastor make the new DvD for us. Love you Miss Nell

  2. elizabeth wharton

    Ahhh….coffee….it’s great on so many levels!

  3. I can’t remember who said it ; maybe pastor ; but ” Don’t forget where you came from because it will someday carry you through the present.” and I think that is what those songs do for some of us. Change is good. Personaly I love our music now but guess what Jacob in years to come our worship now will carry me through some tough times because I will remember how GOD moved in an old song service. Keep listening to GOD Jacob we will follow. You are a blessing.

  4. so I guess this means we aren’t doing “revelation song” anymore?

  5. Some of those old songs need to be forgotten just like some of the new ones do. But those old classics like The Old Rugged Cross will bring instant reverence forever to all who hear them, just like some modern ones do. I think it has to do with the emotional depth that a song reaches within us. And yet, there is something to be said for those memories of sitting next to Grandma in the old wodden church and feeling the power of God’s spirit as the congregation sang from the red hymnal. You may be on to something there, Jacob.

  6. I think it would be so awesome to have a CD of Jacob and our praise team singing the songs we do now. Perhaps in time they will be called “oldies”, but I will always be able to remember everyone just as they are right now. Man that would be great. Just think, we could see Jacob on stage in 30 years, then pop in that CD, and remember him in his 20’s. Just a thought…

  7. Bill says that we will “remember [Jacob] in his 20’s”. Is Jacob still in his 20’s? Man, I feel OLD!! 😉

    Jacob makes some good points here. But we always end up asking the wrong question if we start with “old” and “new” as categories.

    I think it should always come down to examining each song on its own merit. It doesn’t matter if the song is 2 months, 2 decades, or 2 centuries old. If it’s solid and edifying to the body, and truthful in its content, then let ‘er rip! If it’s not, then rip it up 😉

  8. joshuasthoughts

    There is of course a huge point with what Mr. Jacob is saying with nostalgia. We tend to remember things in life that have evoked emotion. God created us with this memory. He often tells us in His word, “remember”. So yes, it is important to remember the past. Songs that churn our insides, of a touch from yester year. However, this same memory can often just lead us away from where He wants us to go. We are so busy remembering His magnificent touch of the past, we dont see His hand reaching for us in the present. “Glory to Glory” we are told. Dont be content with just going for the same spiritual rush of sorts, you have been accustomed to. There are one hundred and fifty Psalms, I am sure every one was sung or cried several times by the author. But I assure you every one, was the outpouring of a heart. These words, tugging on the robe of our Saviour from the moment they left the carnal lips from which they where spoken. So when you praise, seeking a resplendent memory of the past, might be what you need to break the mundane reality, however just dont stay there. Instead carry on, move in the moment. You have Someone listening for your every word. That same Someone, is waiting for your words. Your feelings. Your praise.

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