One thing you can’t call us!

You can’t call us spoiled. We won’t ever take for granted a Sunday morning service.

I didn’t realize how much I need Sunday morning worship with my friends and family until Sunday. It is obvious that there are different levels of membership. At PromiseLand, we don’t classify people by their involvement. But, Sunday I realized that if you don’t come every week, then you don’t like it as much as I do. I love to worship, I love to minister, I love to see my friends. These three functions complete and fulfill our church-going experience. If you are not doing all 3, then I urge you to start.

Sunday felt like a pruning. God is shaking our tree and trimming to see what limbs need to be eliminated. This may be attitudes, ideas, pride, and could even be people. It will make us better.

Pastor Randy called and said, “God is going to make it up to you.”


(in case you don’t know what I am talking about…our Sunday morning worship services were canceled due to flooding)


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Hello. I pastor PromiseLand Church in San Marcos, TX. I am married to Erica, and we have 3 kids: Kennady, Jude, and Avery. All little ones! Visit our church site at

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  1. This is great—2 blogs from Pastor in one day to respond to. That should keep us all busy.
    I missed our Sunday at church so much. We did have a great PromiseGroup with the Carpenter group and anyone who missed it really missed out.
    God moved. We had great worship, great lesson, and then went to eat together. SO you who missed—-sorry.
    Concerning the other blog today:
    No private moments for the President—–everyone knows about your private life. Who wants the world to know you had a colonoscopy????

  2. Joshua Carpenter

    I agree what a wonderful time, I have to admit, the guilt of not going to a “church” Sunday morning, was odd, especially with the sun shining. However I think God, to use Pastor’s verbage, pruned that definition in my mind. I realized, as I have been taught however never really put into practice, that I am part of The Church. God does not need a building to show up. He is with us, when we are seeking Him, no matter what tiny, little insignificant low water crossing is in our way.

  3. We had a great promise group service at Will and Tab’s home. It was awesome to see so many people together to enjoy the word. We did not and will not let a little bit of water keep us from what we ALL need.
    I do agree with Pastor, even though I enjoyed our Promise group yesterday, I missed our church family and friends. I for one look forward to seeing everyone mid-week!!!

  4. I also missed the Sunday morning service at church. I guess I am the quintessential habitual church member. However, even though I like going to church, but by the end of our meeting I felt the same completeness and closeness to God that comes from our regular Sunday morning service. My biggest concern was for all those folks that did not make a meeting place. Hopefully they all spent some time in God’s presence at home.

  5. PromiseLand San Marcos, you are a blessed people to have my husband for a Pastor. He always tells me how much he enjoys the job he has and how much he loves all the people, but Sunday it showed immensly. He was so torn over all the people not being able to come to church and what might happen if someone came and didn’t know it was postponed until Wednesday. He agonized and prayed over every decision. He even called and asked if he should stand at the barricade and greet people and let them know what was going on (from 8:30 am until noon). He loves all of you very much and never takes our home (the building) or family (psm people) for granted. We can truly say that we are blessed to have a truly sincere and loving man to lead us. I could go on and on about how wonderful he is, but it would probably get really surypee sweet around here and make a few people sick.
    On another note, I really believe that God showed us how powerful the community of Promisegroup families are. It was such a blessing to see everyone come together and worship regardless of the fact that we were in different places. You could have just said “whoo hoo a break from church”, but instead you got together and found strength in your community and family and sought God! AWESOME!!

  6. Tabitha Krauss

    I was so disappointed when I heard church had been canceled. We were walking out the door when we received the call. I know that other people have already written this, but I was so proud of all the people that came together. We had a full house. People that were committed to this family and committed to worshipping. I am so thankful to be a part of this church. And Will and I raked in a pretty good offering. 🙂

  7. Elizabeth Wharton

    A huge “Thanks” to our one-in-a-million pastor! Thanks for taking care of our church family, not just yesterday, but all week every week. We appreciate you!

  8. I missed church to. Looking forward to Wednesday.
    For all who read the blog I wanted all to know about something we should all be concerned about so here it is :

    I would like to let everyone in the church know about this new bill and encourage people to email their senators that they are against it. It is very dangerous and scary legislation. We can look at the application that Canada’s is taking with this law and see clearly where this legislation is headed in the U.S. Please take action : we want our Pastor to be able to tell the truth without as GOD intended :

    This is the letter I send the Texas senators :

    Please vote aginst SB-1105. . The legislation is totally unnecessary because the 14th Amendment to the Constitution already guarantees equal protection for all people. I believe this bill would greatly affect Christians’ free-speech rights. Looking at the application of Canada’s hate crime law I can see there can be no good come of this law.

    This was in a Canadian news paper : Canadian pastor faces legal repercussions because of hate crimes laws over a letter he wrote to a newspaper condemning homosexuality. We have to protect our freedom speech.

    Benjamin Franklin, from his report to the King of France
    Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.

    Thank You,
    Bryan Thornton

  9. lora williams

    I really enjoyed meeting at will and Tab’s home also.
    It was different but exciting also. Me and my husband discuss going to central we wanted to stay in the vine. That’s how much we love Promiseland.
    Meeting in the Will’s home made me think about the Acts church how they had service, also people who have to meet underground so it brought out the importance of promisegroups and fellowship with the brethren.
    Thank God for such an awesome Church family!

  10. Angela Jimenez

    As a kid I can remember going to church as being a chore I only did because my grandmother made me..Now I feel so empty when I have to miss service,We are all so fortunate to Have such a wonderful church family and pastor that care so much for one another. People that dont have a home church dont know what they are missing….If your reading this and you dont belong to a church come visit us.. make sure to tell to tell em I sent you!!!!(lol)

  11. lora williams

    I enjoyed our meeting a Will and Tab’s it was awesome to see hungry men and women.
    Promiseland provides nourishment for my soul I over eat haha! I love our family ! Meeting in Will’s home made me realize how important it is for promisegroup if church was illegal. Pastor just mention this very thing. And God confirmed it! lol
    praise God for Promiseland family.

  12. Thanks for the heads up, Brian. I will check out the bill.

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