Changing the Blog has sparked a little “excitement”. Some are game for anything new, others are more hesitant, still others resist. Are you willing to admit your apprehension for change? I spoke with our church leaders on Monday night about the newness of my life. I feel a fresh view of everyday life. So my schedule has changed, my office rearranged, relationships shifted. The newness of my spiritual life has manifested on the outside (my natural life).

Expect that God can transform your life. Even if you are already a Christian, that doesn’t mean that you have to be stuck in a rut. Jesus’ life was filled with new adventures and shifting from “glory to glory”.

I want to, for the first time, prophesy through the blog. This is coming to you. Be ready for a New Season. God’s creation shows us His pattern of life: spring, summer, fall, winter. Each has a divine purpose. Each takes away something stagnant and forces something new to come forth. Why would God bring something to me and forsake you? You are a part of me as PromiseLand family. What I have, I pass to you.

I must say that before the new season hit, I went through a winter season. The months of April and May were tough times, but God never failed me. I stood on prophecy. God used people like Jacinta Ramos to speak words into my life.

Thank God for change.


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Hello. I pastor PromiseLand Church in San Marcos, TX. I am married to Erica, and we have 3 kids: Kennady, Jude, and Avery. All little ones! Visit our church site at

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  1. Joshua Carpenter

    I praise God for it, I receive it, and I am ready for it! No longer will I be anchored to the disposition of society. My ears have been opened, open to the sound of victory, a victory that was won, before time began, a victory that was proclaimed by the Creator of all. I will choose to walk in the vallor of that victory without fear nor defeat. For I have been called to do so.

  2. Someone told me yesterday to “Break Free” and I receive what GOD has planned for me. Thank you for being the man of GOD that you are pastor. You are a big part of my family from PromiseLand.

  3. I also went through a dry spell this spring and wondered if God had left me. One of my prayer partners and I rebuked the devourer off our spiritual walk and from that moment on I have been climbing out of my slump. I realize now that God never went anywhere, it was me that allowed a cloud to come between us and that’s why I could not feel His warmth. It is amazing to feel new vigor at 56. So let’s go Pastor, we got your back.

  4. We just got a call from our Fireworks boss. He said he paid us the wrong amount…He is sending a check for $2280! That brings our total to $13,727! He decided to pay us 12% instead of 10%.

  5. I think this blog site will work better than the old one. I would like to see some of the older blogs available to us on the web. I hope that you all have a great week. God Bless you.

  6. I really like this new blog concept. I think it will work well. Congrats on the fireworks sales that is just awesome. God bless you all

  7. NEW RESULTS for the Contest:
    We recalulated the results and found some missing cards. Someone is praying in the Hernandez camp! The Steeles picked some up too.

    Hernandez: 76
    Krauss: 70
    Youth: 26
    Steele: 16
    Wright: 2

    go to our site for more info:

  8. That is so exciting about the Fireworks “income”. It was well worth the long hours.
    I have made it to the new blog and have posted on it so I’m moving right along. I am anxious and ready for God’s next move in my life!!!
    I am also glad that we have made a few new points in the contest, and hopefully, we will move on up this week. Come on Bumgardner, Carpenter, & Steele PromiseGroups. Let’s get busy!!!

  9. That’s more like it. Now let’s see, whose group is that card counter in?

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